CEASE and DESIST Daily Architecture Design (dailyarchdesign.com)!!!

Daily Architecture Design (dailyarchdesign.com) stop using my posts on your website!

Daily Architecture Design (dailyarchdesign.com) stop using my posts on your website!

Recently after google searching the title of one of my design articles, I noticed on the domain that a website called Daily Architecture Design (dailyarchdesign.com) aka Daily Interior Architecture Design, without my permission, republished some of my blog posts, in their entirety, on their website. I read a few of my posts that they put up and saw that they randomly changed the wording of the articles, here and there, to kind of make the posts read a bit differently from mine; which to me made them read poorly. The Daily architecture Design (dailyarchdesign.com) used all of my signed original illustrations that I made for my website, photos I took myself and even photos of me, if I included a picture of myself in any of the articles I wrote. Continue reading

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Martha was there and so was I, TRADE SECRETS CT. Sharon Connecticut

One more unusual thing catching Martha Stewart's eye at Trade Secrets

One more unusual thing catching Martha Stewart’s eye at Trade Secrets

Each May on the Saturday and Sunday following Mother’s Day, plant and garden antiques lovers from everywhere journey to picturesque north-west Connecticut for Trade Secrets. Trade secrets is a two-day event to benefit Women’s Support Services of Sharon, Ct., which is a non-profit domestic violence organization that provides crisis intervention, counseling and education as well as legal, medical and housing assistance to fulfill its mission of creating a community free of domestic violence.

Trade Secrets started in Bunny Williams and her husband John Rosselli’s back yard (country estate) in Falls Village, Ct. Bunny is a nationally known interior designer, author of books on interior decorating and gardening, and has lectured, her husband John is a well-known antiques dealer, and together they own Treillage on 75th Street in NYC. When she had a few too many (extra) plants in her greenhouse, Bunny thought why not sell them for charity, so the Woman’s Support Service was called in, along with some local and regional plant purveyors and garden antiques dealers. The group joined together with their offerings, invited in the local and regional people and a stellar gardening event was born. The Trade Secrets plant sale quickly outgrew Bunny and John’s property so it moved on to the Wake Robin Inn, then it migrated to the estate of Elaine LaRoche called “LionRock Farm” in Sharon, Ct where it is held now. From its conception, Trade Secrets has grown into a world-class display of the best of the best, with now 60 venders displaying the most unusual treasures ever seen. Trade Secrets is like going shopping through 60 of the most unique and upscale stores in one day, while enjoying the fresh country air and magnificent views from Elaine LaRoche’s LionRock Farm. Continue reading

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An Easy to Make and Inexpensive Trellis for Clematis, Morning Glories and other Vines

An Easy to make Trellis for Climbing Vines

An Easy to make Trellis for Climbing Vines

A few years ago I was invited to friends’ house for supper. Before the couple started the barbecue, they gave me a quick tour of their garden. The husband had started a collection of clematis vines and planted six or more of them in a row along a wooden privacy fence that separated their land from the neighbors. The clematis were all growing fine, but the thing that disturbed me most was that each of the clematis was planted along side a decorative trellis. Each of the trellises that they chose would be a welcome addition to any garden, but having all of those different styles of plant supports in a row was just too much of a good thing to see (very busy looking).

Here at Whimsey Hill, I have a dozen or so clematis and some decorative trellises that I’ve picked up over the years, but most of my vine supports are much less fancy. To me, a fancy trellis is fine in certain places in the garden, but most of the time I think it should be about the plant, not what it grows up on. This post is about how I make my inexpensive trellises for the clematis and morning glory vines I grow in my garden. Continue reading

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Arranging Decorative Accessories on a Sofa Table, Buffet, Sideboard, or Credenza

Arranging Decorative Accessories on a Sofa Table and other  pieces of furniture.

Arranging Decorative Accessories on a Sofa Table and other pieces of furniture.

The arranging of knickknacks (decorative accessories) on a sofa table, buffet, sideboard, chest, credenza or even on a fireplace mantel can be an easy task once you know a few different ways of grouping your elements.

For this post I made 12 different drawings (thirteen really if you count the cover illustration for this post) that I hope get you thinking about making arrangements with things that you already have, or inspire you to go out and find different things that you can put together and compose a tablescape with that’s eye-pleasing. Continue reading

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Hanging a Gallery Wall


Two views of one of the Gallery Walls in my cellar.

Two views of one of the Gallery Walls in my cellar.

The idea of assembling many different kinds of artworks on one wall, or even on all four walls in a room has been around forever. We all have seen photos of the great houses of Europe with walls soo covered with things, that hardly, if any wall color or covering is even seen between what was hung up.

Recently after going through my mother’s cellar and looking through things at my own place, I decided to hang my own gallery wall, or should I say gallery walls, in one of the rooms down in my basement.

Between all of the things stored at my mother’s place and mine, I found a large collection of samples of different kinds and styles of artworks that I had made over the years; some going all the way back to the 1970’s. Those pieces, now hung up, are a visual history showing different periods of my creativity. The instillation of the gallery walls went pretty quickly, after I figured out how to hang things; here are the steps I took Continue reading

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Some Photos to share, on a Cold Winter’s day, of My garden in July

The front garden bordering the driveway.

The front garden bordering the driveway.

Now that we are slowly getting past the coldest part of winter here in upstate New York, and with temperatures some nights still dropping down to below zero, I thought it would be encouraging for my readers to see some photos of things to come. I’ve assembled some pictures of my garden, seen at its peak last July, when the days were warm, sunny and bright, and the perennials and annuals were looking their best. Continue reading

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Thanks a Million! Today my Blog reached the point of 1,000,000 Page Views/Articles Read; I hope it’s been inspiring.

A photo of me, Fred Gonsowski, writer of Fred Gonsowski Garden Home.

A photo of me, Fred Gonsowski, writer of Fred Gonsowski Garden Home.

The Statistics screen provided by WordPress.

The Statistics screen provided by WordPress.

Today Fred Gonsowski Garden Home.com has reached a real milestone with one million page views / articles read. I don’t know how many others have gotten this far, but for not being famous, or having a famous patron to promote me or my website, I think I’ve done just fine. Continue reading

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2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 510,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 22 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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***Happy Holidays Everyone***

The Christmas light display, here at Whimsey Hill House, 2014

The Christmas light display, here at Whimsey Hill House, 2014

To all of my readers…

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases, the Happiest of Hanukkahs, the most Joyous of Kwanzaas and the best of everything in the New Year!

Fred Gonsowski

Here are a few photos of this year’s holiday decorations Continue reading

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