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Two EASY Projects to make your Bathroom Shine.. Cleaning your Bathroom Tile and Grout with Oxi Clean Versatile..Caulking the Tub like a Pro

Have you ever moved into a pre-owned house and loved the place, but found the bathroom grout stained and dirty? Are you one of those people who no matter what kind of cleaning product, and no matter how much elbow … Continue reading

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It’s Easy to Grow PUSSYWILLOWS

Over the years both my parents and I have had pussywillow trees at our houses. Our pussywillows came to us, via my Mother’s sister Mary’s garden. Aunt Mary, garden maven that she was, most likely started her own tree from … Continue reading

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I’ve had raspberries growing in my garden for the last 22 year. The raspberries came my way via my maternal grandmother’s garden. She planted hers in the 1920’s or 30’s. The variety she grew are Heritage. A friend who runs … Continue reading

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