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Line porous terracotta pots with tall kitchen trash bags before planting to prevent plants from drying out too quickly

Each Spring, besides planting many annuals in the garden that I grow from seed or buy at local garden centers, I also put out quite an assortment of plants in containers that I display on my deck and patio, by … Continue reading

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Step-by-Step Instructions on how I laid Patio Pavers

One of my many projects, this past Summer, that I tackled was to extend my poured cement patio with sixteen inch square cement pavers. Before I attempted the project, I looked at a few YouTube videos to see how it … Continue reading

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Pool losing one fourth inch of water at night with Pump and Filter turned Off

Recently I had my in-ground pool relined, and the plumbing from the skimmer to the pump and filter was also replaced. A few weeks after I had that done, I noticed that the water level in the pool had dropped … Continue reading

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Buy a Shamrock Plant, also called Oxalis, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, It’s really an interesting house plant.

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here, and in super markets and florist stores everywhere you will see the Shamrock Plant also called Oxalis. The Shamrock plant, which some people think brings good luck is a member of the wood sorrel … Continue reading

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How to Trim a Golden String / Thread Cypress into a Pyramid

The pair of Golden String / Thread (sometimes called Mop) Cypress, seen in the two cover photos for this blog post, that are major focal points in my back garden, did not always have pyramidal shapes. The natural growth habit … Continue reading

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A Look at My Garden here at Whimsey Hill House (June 2014)

June is a transitional and busy month in the garden. The many hundreds of daffodils that I’ve planted years ago (there used to be over a thousand) have finished blooming, and the perennials have all come up and are doing … Continue reading

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A different kind of container to plant Hen and Chicks in

A few years ago I started collecting different varieties of hen and chicks (Sempervivum). I think I took interest in them because I had already planted the “big stuff” like bushes and trees, as well as all kinds of perennials … Continue reading

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