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Coloring pages for Adults… Some Drawings of Living Rooms for Adults to Color.

Recently adult coloring books have become all the rage. Some people feel the process of coloring is the perfect way of showing their creativity side, while others think it’s great for unwinding. If you are a follower of this blog, … Continue reading

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It’s REALLY EASY to fill a Glass Dome with Easter Eggs, Christmas Ornaments, etc.

For the last few years glass domes have been all the rage. Whenever you pick up a shelter, gardening or cooking magazine, chances are that you will see one protecting, or should I say, showcasing something. It is easy to … Continue reading

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How to Make an Easter Egg Garland

Easter is almost here and plastic eggs are inexpensive and plentiful. How about this year adding an Easter Egg Garland to your seasonal decorations. The bright-colored and happy looking garland can be swagged on a fireplace mantel, as seen in … Continue reading

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Buy a Shamrock Plant, also called Oxalis, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, It’s really an interesting house plant.

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here, and in super markets and florist stores everywhere you will see the Shamrock Plant also called Oxalis. The Shamrock plant, which some people think brings good luck is a member of the wood sorrel … Continue reading

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How to Trim a Golden String / Thread Cypress into a Pyramid

The pair of Golden String / Thread (sometimes called Mop) Cypress, seen in the two cover photos for this blog post, that are major focal points in my back garden, did not always have pyramidal shapes. The natural growth habit … Continue reading

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