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Got Grass growing out onto your Sidewalk or Driveway?…Edge it!

Are things not looking so neat around your house, especially when it comes to your sidewalk and driveway? Have creeping grasses started to take over? If so I have a solution to your dilemma.

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Applying Fertilizer / Weed Control on the Lawn.

I use a nationally known brand of lawn fertilizer on my grass. There are FOUR suggested applications per year. The first one is fertilizer with crabgrass control, the second is fertilizer with weed control, the third is fertilizer with bug … Continue reading

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Dividing Miscanthus Grass, not easy, but you can do it!

Miscanthus grass is a nice looking ornamental grass, grows 6 to 8 feet tall, provides movement in the garden, great planted as a specimen, or in small groups, sends up feathery plumes in the fall, and is great for winter … Continue reading

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Japanese Knotweed, controlling and killing it

Years ago my father planted a row of Japanese Knotweed along the fence. It liked the clay soil, he put it in, and QUICKLY took off. For years my father called it Elephant Ear Plant, or Bamboo. Only about ten … Continue reading

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Zoysia Grass, and How I got rid of it

Zoysia grass is probably wonderful, if you live in an area where it is warm year round. By warm, I mean days and nights never below 50 degrees fahrenheit. If the temperature falls, like it does in the great north-east … Continue reading

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Why rake leaves? Grind them with a mower!

As I drive along, I see a lot of houses with OH to many big brown bags filled with raked leaves that are lined up out front, waiting for the trash man to come and take them away. To me … Continue reading

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