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Cutting Paper Snowflakes, Putting Lights on the Christmas tree, Decorating the Christmas tree, paper craft projects for kids, etc,… Making an EASTER EGG tree 3-21-2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Fred Gonsowski Garden

Wishing You and Yours health, wealth and happiness during the Christmas period and in the New Year. If you’ve wondered where I’ve been, well, I’ve been busy with my garden and have had workmen here sprucing up the house a … Continue reading

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A look at my Easter 2017 decorations, here at Whimsey Hill House

A late Easter, like we’re having this year, to me, is the unofficial start of the growing season here in up-state New York. With the late Easter, no matter how cold or snowy the past Winter has been, I seem … Continue reading

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A quick look at this year’s Christmas Decorations, here at Whimsey Hill House

Christmas will soon be here, and I’ve done some decorating. The amount of daylight, this time of year is decreasing, and the amount of darkness is increasing, so what better way to brighten the dullness of Winter, than with Christmas … Continue reading

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It’s REALLY EASY to fill a Glass Dome with Easter Eggs, Christmas Ornaments, etc.

For the last few years glass domes have been all the rage. Whenever you pick up a shelter, gardening or cooking magazine, chances are that you will see one protecting, or should I say, showcasing something. It is easy to … Continue reading

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How to Make an Easter Egg Garland

Easter is almost here and plastic eggs are inexpensive and plentiful. How about this year adding an Easter Egg Garland to your seasonal decorations. The bright-colored and happy looking garland can be swagged on a fireplace mantel, as seen in … Continue reading

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Easy ways to store Christmas Lights and other Holiday Decorations

Christmas is over, the New Year is almost here, and in the days ahead it will be time to take down the holiday decorations. In this blog post I’m covering the different ways that I safely put away my favorite … Continue reading

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From My home, Whimsey Hill House, to Yours… Happy Holidays!

Christmas presents under the tree, one for you and one for me. Gaily wrapped in ribbons and bows, Santa left them I suppose. There are walking dolls, and talking dolls, wagons, trains and drums. This is the night for dreams … Continue reading

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