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Norfolk Island Pine, an Easy plant to Control its Height

Even thought I have the OH TO BIG garden, I really am not that much into house plants. Years ago, in a different house, I had wide window sills and radiators to grow house plants on. But, it is now … Continue reading

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Zoysia Grass, and How I got rid of it

Zoysia grass is probably wonderful, if you live in an area where it is warm year round. By warm, I mean days and nights never below 50 degrees fahrenheit. If the temperature falls, like it does in the great north-east … Continue reading

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Forcing Paperwhite Narcissus, A little bit of spring in the dead of winter

The winter forcing of paperwhite narcissus, has been a tradition of many gardeners, for years. I started when a friend gave me a bulb forcing kit as a Christmas gift. The kit consisted of a plastic three-sided cup, of sorts, … Continue reading

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Preparing your garden for winter, putting it to Bed

If you haven’t already started, it is time to get your garden ready for a long Winters nap. First take a pair of hand pruners, and start chopping back your perennials, as close to the ground as possible. Leaving stems … Continue reading

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Why rake leaves? Grind them with a mower!

As I drive along, I see a lot of houses with OH to many big brown bags filled with raked leaves that are lined up out front, waiting for the trash man to come and take them away. To me … Continue reading

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Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs / tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc.

This posting might be a bit late, but it is NOT to late to plant Spring Flowering Bulbs. As a matter of fact, being a bit late in the season, you will probably get them on sale, as compared to … Continue reading

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