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Plant some Gladiolus in your Garden, they make Great Summer Flower Arrangements

Gladiolus are one of those flowers that have been around for ever years. They are often seen as part of flower arrangements, and make quite glamorous displays by themselves in tall trumpet-shaped vases. Gladiolus come in just about every color … Continue reading

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Container planted or in the ground, Canna Plants are a Focal Point with a Tropical Vibe

One of the easiest to grow and definitely a show stopper in the garden is the Canna Plant. The canna is also called the Canna Lily, although it is not a true lily, but is a relative of both the … Continue reading

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Picking the RIGHT paint colors to go with the wood in your home…Color Theory

Too often people don’t give a bit of thought about the color of their wood furniture, or woodwork in their home when interior decorating. They pick out paint, fabrics, wallpaper and carpeting, put them in the room they are decorating, … Continue reading

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