Coloring pages for Adults… Some Drawings of Living Rooms for Adults to Color.

Some Fred Gonsowski drawings of Living Rooms for Adults to download, print and then color.

Some Fred Gonsowski drawings of Living Rooms for Adults to download, print and then color.

Recently adult coloring books have become all the rage. Some people feel the process of coloring is the perfect way of showing their creativity side, while others think it’s great for unwinding.

If you are a follower of this blog, you know that I’ve made many drawings that are seen as the cover and companion illustrations for the posts. I’ve now decided to let you have the ability, for free, to show your creative side, or just relax, by coloring my original drawings, which were made especially for the readers of Fred Gonsowski Garden

To download any one of the drawings, put your pointer on a drawing then right click on it. Choose Save Image as…, when the photo comes up click save. Do that for every drawing that you want to download. After that, go into your photos and find the drawings. Next right click and pick print, have it set on portrait, followed by size letter, and photo size 8×10 inches. That’s all it takes. The image will fill in most of your 8 1/2 x 11 piece of printer paper. If you want to extend the lines of the drawings to the edges of the paper use an ultra fine Sharpie, that is what I made the original drawings with.

After coloring the drawing(s), heighten the black lines, here and there, with the Sharpie, which makes the image stand out more. For my blog post cover illustrations I mostly use inexpensive Crayola SuperTips markers, some more expensive highlighters from art and craft stores, and occasionally colored pencils. Jell markers are another option for adding details, and don’t forget about Crayola Crayons. When I color my drawings with markers, that are drawn on printer paper, I always have another sheet of paper under the original drawing, as Sharpies, colored markers and highlighters sometimes bleed through the paper. For coloring stability, I have everything held in place on a clip board.


The above illustration is part of a diptych (one of two images) This illustration and the next illustration show two parts of the same room. If you look at the right side of the drawing, there is half of a Chinese garden stool and half of a bench. The other half of those two pieces of living room furniture are seen in the next drawing.









For inspiration, when picking colors for the living room drawings, look at an old post of mine called Pick (Use) Four Colors when Decorating a Room, if you are a lover of dark-rich colors read Paint a room a Dark color, then add Light Accents. The nice thing about being able to print off the drawings in multiples, is that you can try different color combinations on the same room drawing, and you will be surprised at how color can really change a room.

When coloring the room drawings, I suggest that you think about making your own patterns on the different pieces of furniture and room accessories. Why not try doing a sofa, chair, or pillow in a stripe, floral, dot or even a trellis pattern. Look at my post titled Looking at Pattern used in interior Decorating on Fabric, Drapery, Wallpaper and Carpeting. Some of those patterns will not be that hard to reproduce.



Back in the day, I made many paintings of interiors, and other things that I sold through galleries and at art and craft shows. The above photos show some examples of my paintings of interiors. If you double click on any of the paintings you can expand them for closer inspection.

I hope this post, or should I really say, my drawings gets your creative juices flowing. The title of this post suggests coloring for adults, but the images would be great for kids also. They do say every adult has a kid inside, so I say to you… Happy Coloring!

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8 Responses to Coloring pages for Adults… Some Drawings of Living Rooms for Adults to Color.

  1. Su says:

    Thank u Fred! This just made my night…looking forward to printing and coloring during my commute!

  2. Margaret says:

    These are beautiful drawings, I really like the shoji screen and the sprinkling of flowers throughout, and the cats are a nice touch too. Thank you for sharing these!

  3. Heather says:

    These are so attractive and useful as well! I picked up several ideas for areas of our house, and I love that I can print and try different color schemes with them. I love almost all colors – it’s so hard to narrow it down, but your guides on color combining and fabric prints have helped so much. I’m a slow mover and still have areas left to decorate after 8 months in our new house. Now, if I could just get those gorgeous paintings of yours to come to life in my home…the cats I’ve got, but oh, those water views!

    • Hi there Heather, to make the water views more like mine, make horizontal color bars, one after another from the horizon to the shore. Leave white under boats, so there is the illusion of reflections. Do green horizontal lines under land, that is on the other side of the body of water. Thanks for your comment, it is much appreciated.

  4. Suzanne says:

    These are fabulous and so helpful! I just found this post – somehow I missed it when it first posted but I found it today through your helpful link from the recent Big Eyed People post. Love your artistry! Your reader in Japan, Suzanne

  5. Pingback: Beautiful Ideas Living Room Chair Drawing – Ideas for House

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