Commenting on a Blog, it’s easy!

Have you ever read a post on a blog, and wanted to make a comment, but were afraid to? Words like… Leave a Reply, Name, E-mail, Website, and Comment seemed scary! Commenting on a blog can be a fun thing to do, and it inspires, the person who wrote the post. There is nothing like going to your blog control panel / dash-board, and seeing someone put the time and effort into making a comment on something you have written.

If you see a topic on a blog that intrigues you, write down some trial comment-lines, on a piece of paper, and see what you come up with. Sometimes a comment congeals quickly, and sometimes you have to approach it a few different ways, before it starts to look like something, and sound good. Writing a Post is just like writing a comment, just longer. Sometimes it goes quickly, and sometimes I have to labor over it. To read more click

Filling in.. (LEAVE a REPLY)..Now Let’s look at the three areas you have to address before making a comment.

NAME* is the first. You can give your “real name”. I use Fred Gonsowski, since I have my own web site. Before I had a site, I could have used Fred Gonsowski, or if I wanted to be more anonymous, I could have been Fred, Fred from New York State, or even “The Artist-Gardener”. How you want to be listed is up to you.

E-Mail* …you must enter your E-mail address. This is a safety issue, in a way. The blog “owner” knows where the comment came from. The E-mail address of the commenter is never displayed, or should NOT be given out or sold. But, if you are afraid to give it out, think about all those UNWANTED advertisements that you NOW get, from stores where you bought something from, and gave your E-mail address to. Blogs don’t solicit!

WEBSITE* …If you don’t have your own site leave this spot BLANK. If you have a site FILL it IN. This will notify the site host to direct people toward your site if a person clicks on your name. If you are on a Word Press site, like mine, a person WHO HAS their own site and comments, name appears in GREEN. If the person does NOT have a site, their name appears in BLACK. Some blogs display commenters names differently, from the way that I have just mentioned, so click on their names, and see what happens.

COMMENTING* ..When commenting on a blog you can (1) comment on the subject posted. (2) You can comment on other people’s opinions, on the subject. (3) You can comment DIRECTLY to someone who made a comment (a mini conversation). (4) You can ALSO add something extra to the post. JUST BE NICE! Try to refrain from foul language, and remember, your comment is being sent out across the country, and around the world. If you read an OLD post, and the comment area is now CLOSED, it is OK to comment on it, on the newest post. List the title of the OLD POST, and date. Your comment might inspire someone to go back, and read the article. (Posts on blogs are not like bread, They don’t get stale!) Bloggers LOVE to see people are exploring different parts of their site.

Posts written by the blog owner are MOST LIKELY, the first attraction to a site. If you repetitively post comments, that are interesting, people will look for your name, and want to read your opinion on different subjects. You will have your own following, but without all the extra work of running a blog.

Blogs seem to handle comments TWO different ways. Some sites, like mine, at this time, INSTANTLY accept and post your comment, about a minute after you click “POST COMMENT”, if your name and E-mail address are filled in. Others want to look over your comment, made to the site, AT LEAST the first time, then they will post your comment. That is called Comment Moderation. Some people who have blogs use this feature, so they can Welcome a new commenter.

Now you know a little about making a comment on a blog. So, I say “Go out there, and comment up a storm“! If you find commenting addictive, start your own blog, as I did.


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2 Responses to Commenting on a Blog, it’s easy!

  1. glussenden says:

    I developed a way to divide Miscanthus. I was drawn to this blog by the perfect drawing of a Miscanthus needing dividing. Very Helpful! You need a spade, and a long handled one at that. Shovels will not work, the steel blade is at an angle to the wooden handle. Very good for moving soil, but cannot cut straight down. Sharpen your spade on a grinder so it is like a knife (see description of Miscanthus roots in the article). Put on heavy boots with stiff soles (my Aslo hiking boots). Refer to the drawing in the article. Foliage must be cut down, as in late winter, but may be growing new leaves…Cut out the parts you want by JUMPING repeatedly on your sharp long handled spade to cut through the roots to the full depth of the blade. Then dig out the divisions. You must have good balance to do the jumping bit and be fit to do any heavy digging, but it is not really all that hard when you consider that this is all done without bending over and utilizes your body weight (and a sharp spade to cut the wiry roots). I think I work just as hard dividing Achillea, by the time I get off my knees having carefully replanting all those little bits. Miscanthus divisions are indestructible.

    • Glussenden. Thank your your comment. I will try doing it your way next time I have to divide the Miscanthus Grasses. I have one of my Grand Fathers straight spades, that I could sharpen, with a grinding wheel that I use to sharpen the lawn mower blade. I like when people have different solutions for solving a problem. It gives the readers options to consider. Best of luck with your new blog! When it is up and running, I will take a look. Hope I come up with other topics, in the future that interest you. Happy Spring!

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