A look at my Garden, here at Whimsey Hill

The Great Border out back, 14 to 16 feet deep by 125 feet long

More views out back

The front borders facing East

One of my favorite parts of the gardening season, is the space of time after the daffodils have bloomed, and before the riot of color the Summer perennials produce. This gardening period is soo Zen to me. The garden at that time, is about the different colors that make up the foliage tapestry, and the shapes of leaves. As you can see, my garden is not just green. It is also about blue-green, chartreuse, burgundy, and gray foliage. I have tried to move it across the garden spaces, from the back, to the middle, and front of the beds.

My garden is about Mass plantings, with large Specimen plants, sited to bring interest and height to the garden. I love the look of the sheared pyramids (golden string/thread Cyprus), and column like Emerald Green Arborvitae, against the more natural billowing shapes of the shorter perennials.

These photos were taken Memorial Day Weekend 2011. I will be showing other garden views throughout the growing season.

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1 Response to A look at my Garden, here at Whimsey Hill

  1. JUDITH ROTH says:

    Thank you for your advice on growing daylilies.I grew up in Albany, NY, but now live in Kennebunk,Me. I have been separating my daylilies about every 4 years ,and I am not fond of the work. I will now take your advice and space them further apart. I actually use a hatchet to separate them because I am a 77 year old woman with not enough strength. Your garden looks so beautiful in the pics posted in 2011.!!!!

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