Make some Animals from Cut Paper Snowflakes

a Song Bird made of Snowflakes

In my post Cutting / Making Snowflakes, I covered the steps it takes to fold and cut paper snowflakes. In Turn your Snowflakes into a Snowflake Snowman, I took the snowflake a bit further, when I gave you some of my thoughts on assembling and personalizing snowflakes, when making that Winter craft project. In that post I said “Why not make your whole family as snowflake people, and even your pets“.

That comment got me thinking about how whimsical, different animals would look made of snowflakes. I thought if I made some for my readers to look at, it would inspire kids, and they could take them further, making their own imaginative creations.

So to see the Menagerie of Snowflake Animals that I came up with click

One Snowflake cut in half to make Two Turtles

An Elephant made from pieces of Snowflakes

Don't You just LOVE Tom Turkey made of Snowflakes!

Pamela the Poodle

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