Straightening the Fringe on an Oriental Rug…It’s Easy

Straightening Tangled Fringe on an Oriental Carpet

Do you Love your Oriental carpets, but hate the look of the tangled fringe that edges them? Do you try to pick up an end and drop it quickly toward the floor hoping all the fringe lands straight and perfect? If neatly laying carpet fringe is a concern of yours, maybe my way of straightening the fringe might interest you.

For the past 28 years I’ve owned Oriental carpets, and this is how I keep my fringe straight.

The tool of choice, I feel, for straightening carpet fringe is the Detangling / Styling comb, found in the hair care section of stores everywhere. Sometimes the words Lift and Detangle, or Volume and Definition are part of the comb’s description. The comb is made of plastic, with wide spaces between the thick teeth.

My method of straightening Oriental Carpet fringe is an easy one.

Straightening the fringe of an Oriental Rug with a Detangling Comb

With the comb’s teeth facing, and close to the knotted edge of the carpet’s fringe, made by the Warp and Weft (strands that form the base of an Oriental Carpet), I slowly pull the comb backward through the strings, to the outside edges of the fringe. (see illustration) After that I move along and repeat the process a few more times. Then, with my hand I “pet“, run my hand, palm side down over the straightened cords. The petting action is directed from the knots at the beginning of the fringe, to the ends of the fringe, in one continuous movement. This step flattens and helps the fringe to lay down more. After finishing the first section of fringe, I comb the next section and again, run my hand over it to flatten the strings. I repeat the process until I finish that end of the rug. I do the same steps, as I completely go around the round rug that is in my entrance way.

I’ve used this method of combing and flattening fringe for years, on both my machine-made oriental carpets, and real hand-knotted / tied Chinese Oriental Rugs. The fringe on both kinds of rugs never showed any signs of fraying for me, using this method.

So now you know my secret way of straightening carpet fringe. If it sounds like something that interests you, give it a try.

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9 Responses to Straightening the Fringe on an Oriental Rug…It’s Easy

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  2. Are there any words omitted after the word “facing” In the following portion of the sentence that follows immediately after the Illustration – – “With the comb’s teeth facing, and close to the knotted edge of the carpet’s fringe,”?

    • Hi there Carl, I just read the directions, again, and the wording is all there, the way I wrote it, a little over two years ago.

      • I wasn’t sure I understood what was meant by “With the comb’s teeth facing, and close to the knotted edge of the carpet’s fringe, . . ., I slowly pull the comb backward . . . .”I would have understood if you had said “facing down” or “facing on an angle”, as was shown in the illustration, but now that you say such an adverb was not inadvertently omitted, what do you mean by “With the comb’s teeth facing”?

      • Hi Carl, with the comb’s teeth facing means with the tips of the comb, pointed downward in the direction of the knots at the end of the carpet, as shown in the illustration. I don’t know any other way of writing it. Sorry for not being the best writer of instructions. Just get a comb and try doing the project. In like ten seconds or less, you will be able to figure out what I’ve tried to tell the readers in this post. Good luck with your project ;-}

  3. Ouri Moulavi says:

    There is a product called Fringe Hold it will keep your rug fringes neat and straight . You can buy it online at

  4. Chris Johnson says:

    I have several rugs. Recently I have had places in the fringe that have turned or buckled up and I cannot get it to lay flat again. Do you have any suggestions?

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