Turn your Deck Planter into a Drink Station for your next Outdoor Event

An Outdoor Party Idea for serving your guests Drinks

When it comes to somethings I’m all for repurposing, especially if I need to use somethings on rare occasion. In this case I’m repurposing a plastic deck planter and plant stand, turning them into an outdoor party drink station.

Step 1 ..Take a plastic Deck Planter (deck planters are deeper than  flower boxes, mine is 10H-25W-8 1/2D), and wash it out. If you are using an old one, that once held dirt, scrub it out good and disinfect it with a bleach and water solution. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Another disinfecting option would be, after thoroughly washing, spray it with a good amount of Clorox Clean-Up. After disinfecting, wash one more time and dry both the inside and outsides of the box.

Step 2 ..Close up any drainage holes on the bottom of the deck planter with strips of Duck Tape. Cover the holes on both the inside and outside of the box.

Step 3 ..Line the complete inside of the deck planter with aluminum foil. Bring the foil right up to the top edge and secure it here and there with some pieces of clear tape, to keep things looking neat and in place.

Step 4 ..Insert the deck planted into the plant stand and fill it with ice. If you are having many people over for food and drink, make up a few different sizes and heights of containers to showcase the different drink options you are offering. Variety of heights makes for visual interest.

Finally, fill the containers with your favorite bottles of white wine, champagne, carafes of lemon and lime aid, soda, etc. Even as the ice melts, your bottles and cans of drink offerings will stay cold in the slushy water bath they are sitting in. Next, get ready for your friends to come and enjoy your party!

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