Fred Gonsowski Garden has passed the THREE MILLION point for Page Views/Articles Read

Fred Gonsowski in the “Studio” at Bunny Williams and John Rosselli’s Falls Village. Connecticut estate.

A photo of the Insight screen on my WordPress dashboard showing the 3,014,775 Page Views/Articles Read by the 1,798,798 visitors viewing this blog.

Dash board close-up.

Recently my blog Fred Gonsowski Garden Home passed the Three Million point for page views/articles read, and in a way I think that was a great accomplishment.  As with all things, it wasn’t just about my writing and illustrations, but about the many people who, hundreds of thousands of times,  posted my articles on their Pinterest sites, the San Francisco Chronicle, BuzzFeed, eHow and Red Book who used my articles as references or resources for their pieces, which gave me some extra attention, the people who linked my website with the articles that they were writing and the many people who just told their friends to look at what I was doing.

When I look back at the many illustrations that I’ve made for my articles and photos that I’ve taken for the posts, those images gave me a picture of where I was at different points in time over the past seven and a half years.

When I started this blog, I never really knew how far I would go or if I would get a good response to my writing, it was just something that I naively had to do. Creating Fred Gonsowski Garden Home was the start of a new hobby, where I could let out information that I have inside, and a way of seeing if people found what I posted interesting.

If you click on the above photos they will enlarge, so you can see the progression of views over the years, showing visits per month.

After writing this blog for the past seven and a half years, I’ve found a number of things interesting about how followers and regular viewers have reacted to my site…

(1)…  Even though my articles have been read more than three million times, the amount of comments seen on the above photo (click on photos to enlarge) show that there were only 1,966 comments made, and that number also includes the comments that I’ve made back to, I hope everyone.  In all,  less than 1000 comments made by readers.

(2)…  I  find it interesting that over a hundred thousand times people have posted my articles on their Pinterest sites, but never once wrote a quick note saying hi or they found what I’ve written helpful.  And, for all the information given, less than five people ever “liked” my articles.

(3)… When it comes to  my  “531 followers” to date, WordPress and Email combined, they hardly ever or never commented, which makes me wonder why did they ever sign up.  And, even though they are followers they really don’t look at the majority of the pieces that I’ve posted.

(4)… I’ve  also discovered that when I’ve written multiple articles on different interior decorating subjects, and linked them on the post, the post that is really the most important to understand is hardly ever looked at and the other two or so, that really build on the first post are read.

(5)… I also find that articles that are crucial to understand when decorating, and I think most of my readers are finding my blog because of their decorating dilemma, don’t read important posts on decorating, even if they are on the home page or close to the top of recent articles posted.

(6)… I also see that posts like Visiting Dorinda Medley’s Berkshire home are of more interest to readers when her show is playing on TV at that moment, versus when it’s on hiatus.  Even though Dorinda has 532 thousand Instagram followers, the readers of this blog are not that interested in Pop Culture and The BRAVO Housewives Franchise.

(7)… Posts that are Christmas related start getting looked at around mid September and are even looked at up to the second week in January.

(8)… January 2 is the day people start wondering how to fertilize their Spring flowering bulbs.

(9)… And the oddest thing of all, When I show my property or some holiday decorating that I’ve done, even though I’m the writer/creator of this website, the masses are not interested in me.  I find that odd that they are reading my advise, but not wanting to look into the world of the person putting out the information.

So there you have it, a truthful gimps into the backstory of me putting out a blog.


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Your eyes deserve to view beauty. I hope Fred Gonsowski Garden Home helps to turn your vision, into a reality.
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33 Responses to Fred Gonsowski Garden has passed the THREE MILLION point for Page Views/Articles Read

  1. P.W. says:

    Congratulations! It doesn’t surprise me that you have so many views. Your posts are always very informative. You make things easy to understand. I wish you many more posts!

  2. Katie says:

    How interesting! I follow you and read all your posts, but have never commented or thanked you. So thank you for your blog! It is helping me add color to my home, slowly and with a plan, and I am much happier for it.

    • Hi there Katie, thanks for your first comment, didn’t want to twist peoples arms to get them to write something, but right now I’m loving typing the notes back to people who put the time and effort into reaching out to me ;-}

  3. Joy von Glueck says:

    I don’t know much of the ‘blogisphere” if that is what it is called but I Do find your analysis of the visits,comments,etc.,very interesting. From strictly a marketing perspective I would gather information from other sites and look at how their “traffic” compares to yours- perhaps you would find your numbers are statistically similar to others in the blog world? Or get ideas of how to change some of the numbers..Humans are fickle and that can’t be engineered out of us! We are information junkies! Most of us just want to get what we need and move on quickly forgetting that there IS a person behind the information we are so generously being given. Keep doing what you are doing Fred if You love it and work on the book if you can. You Never know if a Publisher is one of your new readers.. You are Amazing! Thanks for everything!!! Joy

    • Hi there Joy, thanks for your comment. My traffic per day puts me in the top two to three percent of all blog/websites looked at, but the journey has become really one-sided. The lucky thing about what I’ve covered so far is that those posts are issues that people are always having to face and they are looking all over the internet for answers and they seem to find me. I don’t get paid for doing this site, so when people comment, it makes it more fun for me.

  4. MJKB says:

    Congratulations, Fred! Thank you for sharing your achievement and your reflections about it with us. I very much hope that you continue your posts for a long, long time. I am always happy to see a new one arrive in my inbox,. (I missed your posts during your time of greater commitments, but certainly understood and respected your time “away.”)

    Your comments in this post immediately brought to mind the good Lord’s healing of the nine lepers when only one returned to thank Him. Apparently we humans are, at least at times, still more prone to ask for help than to give thanks for others’ efforts. I hope that as we humans continue to journey through the vastness of time, space, and the unknown, we grow in our gratitude and in all forms of love.

    • Hi there MJKB, you knew just what to say as the perfect comment for this blog post, it is soo appreciated.

      I do enjoy, most times writing this blog, and I think I have improved as a writer. I regularly look at other peoples websites and Instagrams and they get comments all the time which makes for fun, and that encourages the writers, but for me, most times, it’s a one sided thing. I will continue writing posts, but right now I’m edging the vegetable patch in brick (really redoing and enlarging it a bit) and it’s planting time, so that will come first. This time of year I look for sunny but cool days so I can work outside, but the forecast for days ahead is either rain or heat. I will be outside early in the mornings, or working after 4PM in the afternoon until the brunt of Spring gardening chores are complete.

      Again, Thanks MJKB for your inspiration ;-}

  5. Susan says:

    Hi Fred. I found your breakdown of facts most interesting. I think with the popularity of PINTEREST, folks just put things in their files to fill them up! Personally, I find your schematics of how to accomplish an end result most helpful. This is especially true as a new gardener and learning to plan an ongoing yard evolution….although that is constantly changing! Also I have used your info about how to place furniture in my odd shaped living room. I have gone through a lot of graph paper! Thank you Fred.

    • Hi there Susan, Thank You for your comment, I was wondering how the people who looked at this post would react to it. Most times I’m into writing things, but after a while, with not much response from the readers it just becomes a one-sided thing. Here and there I’ve wondered when I will stop posting things, but I’m not done yet.

      A garden is a changing thing, and mine has evolved a lot over the past 27 gardening seasons. Right now I’m redoing my vegetable patch, outlining it with bricks, maybe it will be an upcoming post. Happy Gardening to you Susan, let’s look for sunny, but cool days when we have/want to work outside ;-}

  6. Mary says:

    Thank you, Fred, for sharing your knowledge. I read every one of your posts and often go to your site to look up information regarding decorating and measurements. I truly appreciate your scholarly articles.

    • Hi there Mary, not wanting to put a guilt trip on any one, but thought at the 3 million point for articles read, I did not care anymore about what people thought, so I said it as I’ve been seeing it. I’ve had a few people who read every post, I think that is great, glad to have inspired you and them, thanks for your comment, it is appreciated ;-}

  7. Linda Weiss says:

    Your site is my go to site for all my decorating needs. Thank you.

  8. jgrazzano says:

    Fred, love your photo! I thinks it’s grand for everyone to know who you are…I must re-read your post on shade gardens — and soon! Congrats on breaking the 3 million mark! Looking for the 3 BILLION next year!

  9. Lynne says:

    Fred, I love reading your blog and especially enjoy your renderings. I refer to your plate hanging advice frequently.

    • Hi there Lynne, thanks for your quick note, it is most appreciated. I’ve put a lot of effort into writing and illustrating this blog over the years and recently started to feel that what was the purpose of it, as readers just looked at what I’ve written and kept going and didn’t care to interact with me. As I said in the post the followers don’t comment, the people who put my articles on their Pinterest boards don’t ever comment, so just putting out articles becomes less of a fun project for me. The three million point for articles read is nice, but for me, I really don’t like it so one sided. For the time being I will continue on, when time permits, and then eventually have to decide where this blog is going to go.

  10. Sherri Bowman says:

    Congratulations Fred on your three million views! Your blog helped me through a few rough years when I had to temporarily leave my home due to illness and a double lung transplant. During my recovery, away from home, I spent hours reading your blog, dreaming and planning for the future when I could return home. It will be a year on June 18th that I have been home and have been able to make many small changes inspired by your articles. Thank you for your contribution to my well being!

    • Hi there Sherri, I’m SOO touched by your comment, May god bless you with a steady recovery and happy days ahead. Reading the comments that people have made, really touches my heart and encourages me to continue on. I never thought I was effecting people like that with my writing. I see it took a rant to get a few special people like you to comment which really gives me a feeling that I’m doing something right.

  11. Mary says:

    Hi Fred,
    Just discovered your blog and I am so thrilled and grateful for all your practical information. I live in a small condo with a scruffy yard/garden that I’m trying to improve and you address and explain countless dilemmas that I face but couldn’t even put into words to know how to ask the questions. I knew there were design principles lurking there that would help if I only grasped them. So thank you! By the way, this is how I found you (notice the post was favorited 25 times, so others were as excited as I was)

    • Joy von Glueck says:


      • P.W. says:

        Fred’s the best. He is a real person, not some celebrity with a staff doing all of his work for him. πŸ™‚

      • Hi there P.W. sometimes I wish I had a staff, could get soo much more accomplished, but being a one man band, who’s getting older, I do the best I can. I’m now working on mixing my twenty forth 3.8 cubic foot bale of sphagnum peat moss into the ground as an amendment as I’m rehabilitating and planting the garden. It’s been a big project, but won’t have to be done again for years.

      • Thank you Joy for your comment, I’m not done yet, just busy with my oh to big garden and other things. I still have many more posts to write, got to still keep inspiring people ;-}

    • Hi there Mary, glad to have been of help with your “scruffy yard”. I love the link that you provided. I find it interesting that people can sing my praises or “fall in love” with me on other people’s websites, but here never would make the smallest of comments. Your link made me feel appreciated, thank you ;-}

  12. Lenore Turgeon says:

    Hello Fred!
    I am one of the guilty who have not thanked you for all the benefit of your advice. My apologies, your posts have made formerly opaque topics easy to understand. I repeatedly return to your site to read interior decorating and gardening.
    Congratulations on the 3M mark!
    Thanks again,

  13. P.W. says:

    πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ» and πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ». for your efforts Fred. I am sure there are many silent readers.

  14. katrina197 says:

    On Sun, May 20, 2018, 8:26 PM Fred Gonsowski Garden Home wrote:

    > fredgonsowskigardenhome posted: ” Recently my blog Fred Gonsowski Garden > Home passed the Three Million point for page views/articles read, and in a > way I think that was a great accomplishment. As with all things, it wasn’t > just about my writing and illustrations, but abo” >

  15. MJKB says:

    Hi, Fred!

    I was so happy to see your name in my email; it’s been two and a half years since I received your last one. I was wondering if you might have stopped sending/posting. I’m glad to see you have not, although I notice the original date of your most recent posting goes back three years and five months. I hope this does not indicate that you have been unwell.

    One thing that I’ve always really appreciated about YOU is that you apparently always reply to every single response you receive, as you yourself have indicated in your above analysis. I think that unfortunately has become very unique. Your attentiveness to each individual shows how you value each one of our responses.

    While we are in contact, would you please tell me how one would look up your prior individual advice to themselves. I’ve wanted to refer back to your responses to my own inquiries and could not find them. Making the search more difficult is my own failed memory as to whether I’ve always used the same initials, i.e. perhaps my full initials or only my first name initials.

    BTW – a reason that some people might be reluctant to respond to you is that there apparently is no private way to do so. To connect with you one has to be willing to essentially stand up and speak before the whole world. Although to your benefit that probably limits “undesirable” responses, it might also just limit them overall. On the other hand, many people seem willing to notify the whole world of the most private and mundane parts of their life, and many seem to freely criticize and be outright rude and abusive online as well. So, who knows? Just an idea. I know the public display aspect initially made me reluctant and still always gives me a bit of a pause, although I’ve gotten much more used to it — as you can see. πŸ™‚

    • MJMB, I just looked at the traffic for my blog as of tonight. WordPress says I wrote 202 posts, There are 2251 comments, half of that number was me commenting back, so, in all, 1125 comments were made by readers. As of tonight 3,986,122 articles were read. AND, 2,441,295 people/visitors looked at my site. The nice thing is, that if I can still write the articles or not, daily people are looking for information on the topics I’ve written.

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