Fred Gonsowski Artwork, before the Blog

The Big Eyed People

The Big Eyed People at Saratoga

Some interiors that I painted

Paintings of Interiors that I made

I got a comment from a past customer / fan on my 8-21-2011 post titled: Designing / Planting a Hosta Garden. Her comment made me want to put up a few photos of my artwork, that I made Back in the Day.

The first images I call the Big Eyed People. They are acrylic paintings on masonite boards. I made and sold them from about 1977 to maybe 1992. The images, registered with the Library of Congress (copyrighted), were all about the Glamorous and Chic lifestyle of Pamela and Reginald Wellington. Wellington, named after the polo fields in Palm Beach, Florida.

The story went this way… Pamela and Reginald inherited a great fortune. Reginald’s Grandfather made it, and they were spending it. They partied all night, and slept all day. Except, when they went Fox Hunting, Yachting, or to the Races, in Saratoga Springs, NY. The couple lived in a fabulous Fifth Ave apartment, overlooking the lake in Central Park, in New York City, where they entertained friends. Gloria Vanderbilt, or at least a lady with Gloria’s iconic jet black flip hair style, was their friend. There was also Miss Greenwich, Ct. She is the lady with the red-auburn hair. A lady from Greenwich, Ct, at the Bruce Museum, in that same town, said to me…I Love your paintings, but will not buy one, Because you don’t do red heads, with green eyes. At the next Art Show, Miss Greenwich appeared.

The Blonde character, Pamela Wellington, people always thought was modeled after Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney (Marylou Whitney, Queen of Racing Society), who in true life bought many paintings from me. (C.V. Whitney’s mother, started the Whitney Museum in NYC). But that was not the case. Pamela was just a blonde that many women wanted to be, or thought she was someone they knew. People who bought my paintings also saw themselves in my characters. Some people even told me, they had parties, and acted out my artwork.

The Wellington’s and their friends were quite a hit. Besides the Whitney’s, I sold paintings through galleries, and at outdoor art and craft fairs to the elite of racing, as well as people who lived in NYC, Palm Beach, Kentucky, Connecticut, Vermont, and across the country. I made many Saratoga related subjects. People visiting Saratoga would buy them as souvenirs of their racing experience, and out they went across America.

I had a lot of fun making the Big Eyed People. If you look at the paintings, the people are really in glamorously decorated rooms. The subject of interior decorating always interested me. It is now what this blog is about.

Around 1992, the ink company, that I bought the ink from, to make the line drawing part of the paintings, went out of business. It did not sell its business, but just went away. Without the proper permanent ink to make the drawing part, the Big Eyed People were over.

Next, being into interior decorating, I made paintings showing the insides of houses. I did not want them to be just about the rooms, but also about the views outside. I filled them with details, so the eye was always seeing / discovering something it did not see before.

My Grandmother’s cat Keyda was the star animal of both the Big Eyed People and interior paintings. Grandma had a blonde cat, and we played with him. A part of a happy childhood at Grandma’s house. Grandma was also the gal, that got us all interested in gardening. She was quite a plants woman.

Around 1999, times changed, people changed, things changed, I changed, and I was done with making art. For the next 10 years, I decorated land (my garden), on occasion answered people’s gardening questions, and helped people with decorating projects.

Now with this blog, I have brought all of my passions together. I am also doing something I never thought would interest me, writing. So, here at Fred Gonsowski Garden Home, I am making the drawings (pictures) and collages, covering topics that interest me, that I hope interest you, and I am using the art and design concepts that I learned in college to hopefully inspire you my readers.

Even though you, out there, are a quiet bunch, I have already gotten tens of thousands of hits-visits-views on this site, so that is inspiring to me. I say…If you read a post, and it works for you, come back, and give a testimony. We all would like hearing others success stories.

For more information on me, and to see what I look like, click on About Fred, it is next to Home on the top of this page.


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Your eyes deserve to view beauty. I hope Fred Gonsowski Garden Home helps to turn your vision, into a reality.
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73 Responses to Fred Gonsowski Artwork, before the Blog

  1. Marc Azada says:

    These paintings that you made are really unique, I can see the passion and hard work you put into these paintings. The only thing that i can say is that they are all outstanding! Nice work!

    • Thank you Marc for your comment. Being in the real estate business, you probably see a lot of different things. At different times, I have been attracted to different periods of art, and have had fun creating different things.

  2. Renee Marois says:

    Hi Fred,
    I still have my Big Eyed People print hanging on the wall…love it and always will!

  3. Christine says:

    I love your big eyed people. They remind me of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife and their decadent 1920’s lifestyle. It was nice to have a little chit chat with you this morning at work. Love your blog!

    • Hi Christine…Glad you took a look, and SOO quickly!. I tell a lot of people about my site, and it takes them forever, before they take a look. Their lives are just too busy for even a QUICK PEEK. Some people said my paintings were like Esquire of the 1920’s, others said they were like Mayfair England after the war. (that sounds romantic). F. Scott and Zelda, two fun loving characters, I have no problem with that.

  4. Nancy Forgette says:

    You were Freddie when I purchased my first painting from you in 1978 at a LARC Festival in Glens Falls. The painting is titled “Smile for the Picture”. Your mentioned at the time that your Grandmother would always prompt you to smile for the picture. I googled you today because I was considering when I would take down my Currier & Ives winter scenes and put up my spring and summer art, including yours; my favorite. I was pleased to see how you are now involved with interior decorating and gardening. I was excited to see a photo of you with one of your winning Christmas trees a few years ago. I love that the holiday season gives us an excuse to go all out to produce something that gives us and others joy.
    I wish you continued success as you follow your passions!
    Nancy Forgette
    Saratoga Springs

    • Hi Nancy…I find it FUN that you remember more about me, that I remember about myself. I must have made an impression;-} Interior decorating and gardening have always been an interest of mine, so in this venue (the blog) I combine all my interests into one package. I find it interesting, when people from my art past, make the effort to find out what I’m up to now. To make it easier for them, I made sure I put the word Artwork along with my name, in the post you commented on. I hope my new project, interested you, and maybe you will come back again to take a look, even if it is just to look at all the art projects I made to illustrate the posts. Nancy Happy 2012 to You!

      • Nancy Forgette says:

        Yes I am enjoying your new project. As per your instructions, next year I will place lights on our Christmas tree starting from the bottom on one side, (or quarter), going to top as opposed to going round and round which is such a tangle especially when I’m putting lights on two of the evergreens in our yard. I also like your suggestion to lay out ornaments in 4 equal parts before trimming the tree. I look forward to using your approach next December. Thank you! I will definitely check out your other suggestions as time permits as well as the art that illustrates your concepts.
        Here’s another flash from the past: When I met you in Saratoga to pick up the painting that I had purchased from you at the LARC Festival you mentioned that someday you would own a champagne colored Rolls. I hope that happened!

      • Hi Nancy…I am glad you got some ideas from my Christmas decorating posts. Thousands of people found me during that period, and I hope I helped them all. There were many people interested in putting up lights, decorating trees, and making snowflakes. As for the Rolls Royce, I wanted a plaid painted one…Such a dreamer I was. These days, my mind is in a different place, and I get pleasure from other things. You Know…This Blog is one of the things that gives me pleasure. It’s fun to come up with topics, make the artwork, and to comment back to people like You ;-}

  5. Marilyn J Alessi says:

    I have three of your paintings.1986 Molly Wilmont in her home on Broadway. Breakfast at the Track 1985.Winner on the backstretch 1986(1953 MG TD).
    I have a photo of you wearing white slacks with blue stars and your large eyed people painted on them. Photo taken with my son and me.
    I was born in Saratoga Springs and visit area every year. I enjoy these paintings and they look as bright,colorful and wonderful as the day I purchased them.

    • Hi Marilyn, It is such fun for me, when someone from my ART past shows up on my blog. I am glad you still have my paintings, and I remember You buying it the first night of the Fasig Tipton sales, in Saratoga Springs, NY, Oh soo many years ago (the late 80’s or early 90’s). Mollie Wilmont was too slow at coming to buy it, It must have been meant for you all the time. You know Mollie died years ago. She along with Marylou Whitney were fun fixtures to look at in the Spa City. Thank you for your comment, it was so nice of you to write it ;-}

  6. Patty Holland says:

    Hi Fred…I have never met you but heard a lot about you from my aunt who passed away a year ago. She loved your art! I am now in the process of an estate sale and she has four of your paintings from 1986 & 1987. Unfortunately I have a small home and cannot display these pictures. Would you have any suggestions as to who might be interested in these? I see you are into interior design and I have enjoyed looking at your site. Another interesting note is that on the back of the picture I see your address and we are/were neighbors! Such a small world. Thank you for any help.

    • Hi Patty Holland, it is a small world, and I find it fun, when people from my artistic past fine me again. I have seen my paintings resold through online auctions, on E-bay and some have been sold through second hand/ antique stores. Would you ever think of giving the paintings to a charity fund-raiser and deduct the value off of your taxes. I would say they are worth at least $250. to $300. each, that was the going price for a 24×30 inch (acrylic on masonite panel one), back when your Aunt purchased them.

  7. Roberta says:

    Hello. I just bought “Here’s to Good Friends” from 1981 at a flea market. It says “acrylic on arches? paper”. It has your business card on the back. I love it!

    • Hi Roberta, and thanks for loving the Big Eyed People, I sure love them! They are/were such a part of me. You know, I have at moments, lived their lives. Yesterday I had a Big Eyed Moment, at Trade Secrets in Sharon Ct.. Martha Stewart, along with yours truly was at that plant and garden antique sale.

      When I first started painting the Big Eyed People, I did them on Arches 100% rag printmaking paper. That is the highest quality, and will last forever. After a while, I was having a lot of customers that wanted things shipped, or I had to travel with a lot of glass, so I had to paint on something that was more shipping/traveling friendly. I also had a lot of people that wanted to throw the painting on top of the luggage, and take it home.

      Could you do me a favor? Just type back and tell me what city or state you bought the painting in. I have had things show up across America. Also tell me how much you paid. I hope you got it for a song ;-}

      • Roberta says:

        I got it at the Community Reformed Church of Colonie on Sand Creek Road at its annual flea market for $2. So, it didn’t go far from home. So, yes, it’s in great shape so I did indeed get it for a song. I live in Coxsackie. Is this a painting or a print? My good friend and former roommate, Dorothy Cancellieri is an artist (you can see some of her work if you google her) and it reminded me of some of her work. I sent her a picture of your picture and she loved it!

      • Roberta, You did really good. Depending on the size, it sold back in the day for anywhere from $150 to $250 dollars. Is it like 24×30 or 24×28 framed? The acrylic on Arches is an ORIGINAL one of a kind. It was meant for you, so enjoy it for a long time, and THANKS for commenting ;-}

      • Roberta says:

        It is 24 x 30. I also love that the girl on the right has a Jewish star and I’m Jewish. It truly was meant for me!

      • Roberta, things have a way of being/waiting for the right person to come by, who is supposed to own them. Enjoy!

  8. diana bain says:

    Hiello Fred, are any of your paintings currrently available for sale?
    I own one of your (big-eyed) paintings, bought directly from you, when you exhibited at the Armonk annual art fair sometime in the mid 80s. We chatted briefly; if I am not mistaken, it turned out that we were both NYS civil service employees (at the time).
    Would be interested in acquiring another work.

    • Hi Diana, All the paintings I made have sold. I haven’t made a Big Eyed one since about 1993. I think I wrote about that in my post. These days, the only artwork I am interested in making are the little/quick illustrations I make for this blog. Thank you for commenting, It is nice when someone from my past shows up here on FGGH ;-}

    • Patty Holland says:

      Hi Diana…I have 4 paintings that Fred did for my aunt back in the 80’s. If you are interested in what they are feel free to email me at . I love the pictures but have no where to put them in my house.

      • Great Idea Patty..Maybe this post article will be a place for past customers to sell my paintings on the secondary market. The song Second Time Around, just started running in my head ;-]

        I want it made perfectly clear that any sales of Fred Gonsowski paintings, that I’ve sold to past customers, if resold by past customers, are now only between past customers and anyone they sell their paintings to. I am not in any way associated with the transaction(s), I know nothing about the quality of the pieces now offered, or any other things that the buyers and sellers are doing. I, Fred Gonsowski say “Let the Buyers Beware” in any transactions they get into.( May 12,2012)

  9. John Hladik says:

    Fred, are you still doing the Big Eyed Paintings? I would really love a custom piece done

    • Hi John, Those days of painting the Big Eyed People ended in the early 90’s for me, as I said in this post. Thanks for the inquiry though. At this time I like being a writer on all things style. Like the Big Eyed People, who were soo much of me, all the information / topics I write on are also inside of me, and I am letting it out here on my site. I only write about topics I know, or have lived through, and I know a lot of design and gardening things ;-]

  10. Ann B. Taylor says:

    Hello Fred! Allow me to take you back to the days of craft shows in Cooperstown, NY, on Labor Day weekend each year. The first time we found you, your assigned area was in front of the library. I wanted your dining room painting so badly, but hubby was very negative. The next year, I paid no attention, and bought 3 Friends – that was 1987 according to the back of the picture.
    Over the years, I have collected one that says #10 – Tonight; #10 – Fun in the Tub; and one that I can’t find a title for – but it was mid 90’s – a lady with blond hair in a red dress sitting on a grand piano with two other couples in the background and a tuxedo clad man playing said piano. That went in the piano room of our new home (at the time).
    I have looked for you off and on over the years, and today was my lucky day – I found you. I also have two prints hanging in my home. Each piece has traveled from our home in Canastota, NY to our home in Summerfield, FL – which is close to the Villages. Our vet has one of your prints hanging in one of the exam rooms – it’s big eyed dogs of all shape, sizes and breeds. We were stunned and tickled when we discovered it!
    Fun in the Tub, Tonight and the piano lady still are on display in our home. Folks have had varied reactions to the paintings over the years, and we have enjoyed showing them to all.
    I’m sorry to hear you are no longer painting. I will explore your website further so I know what you are up to and doing.
    Anyone interested in these paintings may contact me, as we are in the process of “renovating”.
    I can be reached at Please put Gunsowski in the subject line so that I open your email.
    Fred, thanks for years of wonderful artworks.
    Ann Taylor

    • Hello Ann Taylor, Times change, people change, and I changed. The funny thing is that my blog is everything that I have in me, all rolled into one. When I made the Big Eyed people, I really set them in decorated rooms. I have always been interested in art, interior decorating and gardening, and I just cover them all here, and I have a world wide audience of tens of thousands of readers each month. The illustrations for this blog, are kind of like my paintings, but done quickly in marker and colored pencil on printer paper. I was in Cooperstown over the Labor Day weekend, and the show has changed. The town was kind of quiet, and the craft show was nice, but not crowded. I saw no one that I knew from the past who is still selling things at the show, BUT it was still fun and I bought something for the garden and loved the fried dough.

  11. Judy Wengierski says:

    Hi Fred,

    It’s nice to find your blog including the interesting history of the Big Eyed People at Saratoga. Recently I saw a resale at an antique store. The painting includes people in the stands, the starting gate and of course horses & jockeys!! I asked if I could take a picture of it so I could do a little research. Sure glad you signed your name so clearly!! My son and I had a wonderful experience at Saratoga this past summer. My son really liked the picture so I’m contemplating contacting the seller. Maybe it’s still available. If so, It can be a Christmas present!!

    • Hi there Judy, back in the day I got anywhere from $250 to $300 for a 24×30 acrylic on masonite board painting. Larger ones went to about $450. I’ve had people find them in a lot of different places, and got them for a song. If the price is right BUY THEM! Merry Christmas to you and your family Happy 2013. Thanks for coming by and making a comment. I’m still in the picture making game, but the pictures are now quickies for this blog ;-}

  12. Susan J. Nelson says:

    April14, 2013
    Dear Fred,
    My husband Allen, visited Saratoga Springs every summer well before we started dating. The first time I walked into his cond I saw one of your big eyed people picture of a butler holding a tray with glasses of red wine. I just loved it because it was so intriguing, and of all the prints we have purchased over the years this picture remains one of my favorites. He told me he purchased this print at Saratoga along with another one – a basketball picture with 2 guys going up for a jump shot. What a find he made!!!!!! Everyone who walks into my house inquires about these 2 pictures. When I started going with him every summer, even with our sons I would see your paintings. Your innovation of big eyed people brings such a whimsical feeling to your scenes, even a basketball game. I told my husband many times how grateful I am that he had the good sense to buy these prints. I was a bit shocked when he told me the basketball picture cost him $5 (unframed and unmatted). Whatever, it is very exceptional as all your pictures. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Susan J. Nelson

    • Hi there Susan, Thanks for visiting my website and making a comment. The pictures your husband Allen bought are not prints. They are original acrylic paintings on Arches 100% rag paper. He got his paintings for a steal. On occasion, I would lower the price of things that did not sell, and a lucky person here and there would get a real bargain. I remember the butler picture. The one I am picturing in my mind, while writing this to you, is a butler holding a silver tray of red wine glasses, with a cocktail party of people in the background. I really enjoyed making the Big Eyed people, and when it was over a part of me died. But, writing this blog is really like making a painting. There is a creative beginning, a bit of a challenging middle, and a refining and polishing ending. A blog article is a picture made out of words. This blog brings together all of my passions in one place. I make the cover drawing and any other illustrations, I write the article which is something that I have already gone through/done in my life, and I hopefully help people learn a bit about gardening and interior decorating. I’m letting out all of things I have inside, and sharing them with the world.

  13. lisa says:

    Hi Fred,
    I have one of the interior paintings you pictured (the piano with pink furniture) and it’s 100/1000. Just curious what you would value it at? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Hi there Lisa, The prints or posters I sold back in the day were priced for a person who wanted something that was mine, but not for a high price; they were just decorative items. In the world of original one of a kind paintings that is a different story. I’ve been out of the art selling business since 1999, so I have no idea what any of my things would go for now. Sorry for not being of much help.

  14. Kevin Foley says:

    Hi Fred, Jeanne Dufort is organizing a reunion for early august. You are one of the missing alums. You should email Jeanne with your contact info. Hope to see you there. Kevin Foley

  15. Paul says:

    So glad to find your blog. I was just googling some of my favorite artists and friends, and found you. Always interested in what you are up to. You were one of most outstanding artists ever, doing ‘Art in the Park’ in Saratoga and ‘LARAC’ in Glens Falls. You said “you also went to Cape Cod.” I loved your work and always spent time talking to you while at the show, probably too much, while you were trying to sell to people walking by.
    I purchased one of your ‘Interior Scenes.’ The one with the dining room table and chairs, with the brass chandelier over it. I even think your reflection is in the chandelier. You always wore your signature hat at the shows. Definitely, the ‘Good Ole Days’. I bought the first print of that work and was going to SPAC that night to a concert. I got there early and got a little sleep under a tree on the side of the parking lot. A very nice couple pulled in and we got to talking. They were getting married the next week, so I gave them your print as a wedding gift. It was print Number 1, so it was really special to me. I hope they have coveted it as much as I covet the original that I have. There will always be this connection. They said “I was like a little leprechaun who appeared with a gift.”
    I also ran across a couple more of your works years later, in an Antique Shop and purchased them too. To sort of rescue them, they were not being treated properly. What a find and wonderful surprise. I saw your work up at the Sagamore years later, too, in the gallery there. The prices had escalated enormously, as they should have. You put so much work and detail into your paintings. To anyone who owns one of your pieces, I say, “you are one of the very lucky ones.” You purchased something very special. Your work definitely reflected your personality. I remember you telling me one year that you had gotten a deal with, I believe, ‘Bed, Bath and Beyond’. I hope you received what you deserved from all of your hard work. Your pleasure of being in the garden and depicting the lifestyle of the rich and famous is a reminder to the rest of us of the underlying foundation of the ‘Good’ in America. It is the dream we all aspire to achieve, and while many of us may never reach this goal, we are constantly reminded of it while looking at your paintings. We can live it while struggling with our daily lives.
    It is unfortunate to hear that you stopped painting after you could not source more materials. You are so talented. But I’m sure you had also reached a pinnacle in your life, a plateau, where you may still be resting but may one day continue your journey forward. You have added much pleasure to the world of the rest of us, and all who came across your work. Fleeting moments of life. But still as vivid as the ‘Big Eyes’ and ‘Colors’ of your beautiful paintings.
    It has been an honor to know you……you hold a special place in my life, and I’m sure many others. Your personality is infectious.

    All the Best…….be well, Paul. (The guy with the blonde hair who worked at Quad).

    • WOW Paul, such a tribute, I just love it!!!!!!!!!

      My days doing the shows were happy times, as I loved making things, loved visiting with my fellow artists and crafters at the shows (it was like a home coming), and loved meeting people at the shows, that liked/loved my art works and selling to them. Those days were special, but I did not know how special they were, until they had ended. I, and my fellow artists were very lucky to have those times and venues to display and sell our wares. Times have changed and the buying public of now is not interested in decorative home accessories, as the generation before them were. The young shopper is more interested in cell phones, eating out and computer, plus the economy has change.

      This blog has been my creative space for a while. I was never into writing, but loved design and gardening so I cover it here. I discovered by writing this blog, that writing is just like painting a picture. You make a image (art work) on a two dimensional surface with paints, with writing you make a picture with words. The same pattern of creativity comes up when start either of the project (writing or painting). You have an idea, it fights you a bit, you fight it back, it gets going in a right direction, creativity starts to flow, you polish you image until it looks good, and then it seems finished to you.

      The Happiest of 2015 to you, keep warm and remember Spring is just around the corner, and again thanks for your lovely comment and putting in the time to relate it to me ;-}

  16. Dee says:

    Good morning Fred, I am also a big fan of your Big Eyed People, did you also do 42 x32′ size paintings, I have found one named Grand Entrance, but it is larger than the ones I have seen? thank you

    • Hi there Dee, in the past the sizes (for acrylic on Masonite panels) were 20×24 inches, 24×30 inches, 36×36 inches, and 30×40 inches. On rare occasion sizes varied, but 99% of the time I made things in so called standard sizes. I do remember making a few paintings titled Making a Grand Entrance (probably some kind of front hall or stair case as part of the background). In the past a 30×40 inch went for somewhere around $350, if I sold it, and $450. to $650. if it sold in a gallery. The galleries took 40% to 50% of the sales price.

  17. Judy Wengierski says:

    Could you possibly post a picture? Where is the picture located? And the price?

  18. Hi 🙂

    I wonder if you could contact me regarding one of your paintings.
    My email is …(taken out for writer’s privacy)

    • Hi there Line M L.E., at this point in time I have no paintings for sale. Maybe some time in the future I will again make things for sale ;-}

      • I’m wondering what the picture of the two ladies in the red Triumph at the race-track is called and what the price of it was when it was sold.
        It’s for sale here in Norway.

      • Hi there Line M L E, WOW… Norway!!! It was sold in the 1980’s to early 1900’s at a gallery in Saratoga Springs NY (the now defunct Dayspring Gallery), or at the Fasig Tipton Yearling Sales (sales of baby race horses in Saratoga Springs) for $300. I made many car paintings at that time, as they were really good sellers. If it has a name, it is written on the back of the painting. The painting is acrylic on a Masonite panel, it has three coats of polymer medium on it to make it shiny and washable. I feel the painting would be about the same price now, or a little higher, if I were selling it.

      • Thank you so much for your answer 🙂
        Since I only have seen a picture of it from front, I’m not able to see the backside and the name.
        It’s the picture #3 on the second picture on your post with the paintings here. Two ladies in a red Triumph, two horses with jockeys on.

      • Hi there LMLE..As for a title, that was over 20 years ago. I was done making the Big Eyed People in 1993. When it came to car pictures I always tried to have a license plate that was a “Winning” word. I also wrote the word “Winner” in the grass, or some part of the painting. a subliminal message of sorts ;-}

  19. Carrianna Eurillo says:

    I have been collecting your big eye people prints since childhood. I proudly display all 15 and they have moved with me from boarding school to college to law school through marriage through divorce and now on to my second set of vows. My daughter shares my love for them. Thank you for creating such beautiful artwork that has witnessed me grow from childhood. You are just a master. I desperately want Saratoga.

  20. Carrianna Eurillo says:

    I have been collecting your big eye people prints since childhood. I proudly display all 15 and they have moved with me from boarding school to college to law school through marriage through divorce and now on to my second set of vows. My daughter shares my love for them. Thank you for creating such beautiful artwork that has witnessed me grow from childhood. You are just a master. I desperately want the Saratoga series!!

    • Hi there Carrianna, It is soo nice to hear from someone that was supportive on my art career back in the day. In my own basement I have a wall completely devoted to the Big Eyed People Prints. Every time I’m down there it brings back happy memories of doing shows and all of the wonderful people that I met along the way. The Saratoga pieces were only original paintings, as I made them for Summer sales in the Saratoga region. Regional subjects would not have sold too good in places like Greenwich, Ct or the many other places around NYC that I did shows. Saratoga Race Track, back in the day, had the property copyrighted, so it was OK if I made original, one of a kind paintings depicting the place, but you had to have permission from them, if you made things in multiples. I’m glad you are still a fan, I’m always happy when someone from my past life of selling paintings and prints comes to this site and says Hi ;-}

  21. Pam Foss says:

    Hi Fred,

    It’s been a long time since we shared the lawn at Fasig-Tipton in Saratoga. We (Pam & Bob) are still at it, making art. Glad you’re living your passion.

    • Hi there Pam Foss, it is such a surprise to see you on my blog. I was at racing this last Wednesday with the Sage College. I went to the Junior College of Albany, which was a two year school, but it is now a four year school, and the name has changed to Sage Albany.

      I’ve been retired a year now from the state, and have been busier than ever. I do miss the wonderful people that I met over the years doing art shows, but times have changed and that part of my life is over. I haven’t done shows since 1999, and it was soo far back in time that it almost seems like I never was in the art selling business. I haven’t gone to the Fasig Tipton since 1993, and hoped to get there this year, but other things happened. When you and I initially did the Fasig Tipton, the horse sales were from a Tuesday night, ending on a Friday night. After a while the sales went from Tuesday until Thursday, now the sales are just Monday and Tuesday night, and that is it. Do you remember Celeste Suzanne, she is still selling things at the track and has a gallery in town. Saratoga was wonderful when we did shows together. The glamor of racing is gone; I think it happened when they extended the meet from just August to part of July and run it until Labor Day. Times have also changes, and I don’t see the people dresses as they once were. The old racing people are gone (dead or just got out of the business) and the young are not interesting and there are a lot of syndicates.

      Starting this website has been my new creative process. In a way, writing articles is really like making art work. An art project is made of clay, bronze, paint, pastels, etc but when writing articles you are making pictures with words. I never knew that until I started writing things.

      Pam, I wish you the best, and tell Bob that I say Hi ;-}

  22. Joy von Glueck says:

    Wonderful fun art–just LOVE the back story of all the characters! We all have interesting and sometimes incredibly talented pasts that only those people involved at the time are aware of.. Its also amazing as you tell your story how close ‘physically” we may have been many times in the past..I used to go with my sister Susan-the equine artist- to Saratoga, the Berkshires, all over Litchfield and Fairfield County and the Fox hunts and shows!
    We grew up in Bedford, Westchester County and moved on from there.
    I am So glad you have shared your gifts with all of us—in the past and now. Artists are a Special breed and can see that which others cannot even fathom. God Bless you 😉

  23. Lisa Zapata says:

    Hi, i have a original big eyed people painting (with paperwork)Of four people at a dock in a yacht with a little white dog. If anyone is interested . It’s a beautiful piece….

  24. Lisa Zapata says:

    Hey there , that’s awesome.
    I wish I knew the family or better yet wish It was me on that boat lol..
    Actually This painting was donated
    (not from original owners) to auction / sell as part of fund raising for my dogs surgery..
    Either way I’m glad I found your blog and was able to share this with you. Hopefully it brought back some good memories 🙂
    Im now a new fan of your work. And especially love the paintings with all the cats!
    Thank you for taking the time to write back. 🙂

    • Hi there Lisa, your painting is acrylic on a Masonite panel, there are three coats of Palmer Medium, which is a liquid plastic varnish for acrylic paintings on the painting, that makes it washable, with a damp cloth, if it gets dusty. The white border is gesso coated canvas which you can also go over with a damp cloth or a white ink erasor if there is a spot, and the painting has an anodized gold frame. Back in the day the price, for a 24 inch by 30 inch original painting was between $250. and $300. ,depending where it was bought, the price now is whatever a person can get, as I was done making them in 1993 and don’t know what they would get for at this point in time. The period in time, when the making the “Big Eyed ” people ended, was a sad point in my life, but it is what it is. A part of my soul had died.

  25. Anita D. Kapp says:

    Hi Fred,
    I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your Blog, and I’m looking at my favorite painting – “Breakfast at
    the Track”#2 purchased at the Dayspring Gallery, Saratoga Springs on August 3, l983 ($250).
    It was a birthday gift from my husband, who likes to tell our friends that it depicts me, himself,
    and my aunt breakfasting before the races.
    As the Interior Designer for Monmouth Park and Meadowlands racetracks I subsequently
    ordered several of your wonderful 24″x30” paintings for the racetrack suites and owner boxes.
    You mentioned Marylou Whitney as a fan. Back-In-the-Day 1983, who came into Dayspring
    behind us but Marylou to buy all 6 remaining Big Eyed People paintings for Christmas gifts.
    Reminds us of fun summer visits to Saratoga Springs.
    Anita D. Kapp, Basking Ridge, NJ
    Photos uploaded to pinterest:

    • Hi there Anita, it is soo nice to hear from you. Your comment brought back happy days of painting pictures and doing art shows, where I met the most wonderful people. I OH SO miss those days, the artist friends, the shows in different locations in New York State, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont, and just the creative process itself. It is over, but I feel soo lucky that I was able to do in, when I did. This blog, with the writing of articles and making of the illustrations is still a bit artistic, in a way. Instead of making pictures with paints, I’m now making pictures with words that people from around the world have read. Last year I passed the 3 million point of page views/articles read. Anita I’m wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2019 and all best wishes. Your comment is soo apreciated, THANK YOU! and one more thing, a lot of the people who bought my paintings thought of themselves and their friend as the characters, so when your husband says It’s you, your aunt and him, he is just like many that liked my paintings.

      • Carrianna Eurillo says:

        I just finished hanging my gallery of Big Eye People in my new home. I have nine. I would love to own more if anyone reading this is inclined to want to sell their piece or collection. I have been collecting the prints since my early teens purchasing one each time I attended the Cooperstown, NY annual craft show. They have gone with me to boarding school, college, graduate school and every home I have ever lived in. They bring me tremendous joy and comfort. Thank you, Fred! I have and always will cherish your work!

  26. Carrianna Eurillo says:

    I just finished my gallery of Big Eye People in my home. I have nine. I would love to own more if anyone reading this is inclined to want to sell their piece or collection. I have been collecting the prints since my early teens purchasing one each time I attended the Cooperstown, NY annual craft show. They have gone with me to boarding school, college, graduate school and every home I have ever lived in. They bring me tremendous joy and comfort. Thank you, Fred! I have and always will cherish your work!

    • Hi there Carrianna, every so often I google search “Fred Gonsowski Paintings” and I see that different places are, on occasion selling original works that I’ve made. You would probably be paying about $150. for an original, but you could also try to get a better price. Something to consider, and thanks for liking my work. PS. the Cooperstown show, sadly has died. They tried to resurrect in front of the City Hall on Labor Day Weekend, but it is nothing to make a trip for.

  27. Marci says:

    I inherited one of Fred Gonsowski’s paintings and would like to learn more about it. Let me know how to contact you.

    • Hi there Marci, you could ask the question right here. your painting, if if is not under glass is an Acrylic painting on a Masonite panel. If it is under glass it’s a painting on gesso primed Arches printmaking paper. As for price, it is worth anything you can get for it, or what to sell it for.

    • Hi there Marci, if your painting is on a board, it is an original painting on a masonite panel. If it is under glass, and has a cardboard mat, it’s an acrylic on gessoed Arches printmaking paper. As for value, it’s worth anything that you can get for it. When I sold them back in the 1970’s through 1993, they went from $175. to about $650.

  28. Carol J Nash says:

    Hi, I have a painting that i purchased years ago at Larac in Glens Falls.
    Wondering if you could tell me the value. It’s a barn with doors open, a silo in the back, fall color leaves on the trees and an open fence in the forefront of the painting. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I am passing it on to my nephew and would like to inform him of what it is.
    Thank you, Carol Nash

    • Carrianna Eurillo says:

      I have a “summer” version of that with cats and beautiful wicker furniture. It is a two “connecting” panels, originals, signed. I LOVE FRED’S ART! I have since childhood and he (and his Big Eye pants) were my favorite stop at the annual Cooperstown art show. I am blessed with quite an extensive collection of prints that I cherish. IF ANYBODY WANTS to sell a piece, please post here because I bet many of us would love to add to our collections.

    • Hi there Carol, it must be something I made in the late 1970’s, It is probably an acrylic painting on Masonite or canvas. It has the value of , I hate to say, anything you can get for it. If it were one of my Big Eyed People pieces, it would be worth $150. and above.

      • Carol nash says:

        Thank you. We have loved it for years but I’m sending it back to Schenectady for my nephew to enjoy in his new home.

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