It’s EASY to Fluff a Fake / Artificial Christmas Wreath

Fluff, Reshape, Style an Artificial Christmas Wreath like a Pro

As I was putting up the artificial Christmas wreaths, I started thinking about all the people who buy them, take them out of the package, and just hang them up. Not one bit of effort was put into styling, shaping or fluffing them. I see this happen at private homes, public buildings, and even at malls.

With a few minutes of time, and some easy to follow instructions, you will have your not decorated, or decorated Christmas wreath looking great, and ready to shine during the Holiday Season.

You can start the process of fluffing and reshaping your wreath, anywhere on your wreath. You will be working counter-clockwise, and in rows, working left (outside edge) to right (center of the wreath).

Take the first tip closest to the outside of your wreath and bend it outward and lift it upward. Then bend and turn the end of that tip upward to face you. Kind of like a soft “J“. (see illustration (Profile of tips turned up).

After that work on the second tip, that is next to the one you just reshaped. Lift and bend that one. Bend its tip upward, as you did with the first one. Continue lifting and bending each tip in that row, until you get to the end. The last tip in that row can be bent toward the center of the wreath, and its tip turned up.

Sometimes the tips get out-of-order when the wreath is compressed for shipping. A tip that should be on the end is folded in the direction of the center. Just move it back to the location to where it should be.

After that start the second row, doing exactly as you did in the first. Working left to right, continue lifting and bending each consecutive row of tips on your wreath, until you come to where you began.

After that step back and check the shape and look of the wreath. If needed, go around the wreath again, as you did the first time, lifting and bending any tips that you think need to be reshaped.

The fluffing and reshaping of an artificial wreath is not a one time project. Wreaths have a way of getting crushed a bit from year to year, during off-season storage, and need a bit of shape rejuvenation. Even a new pre-decorated wreath, fresh from the store will need a bit of fluffing to improve its look.

Fluffed up Artificial Wreaths, No Toe Bows, and paper Snowflakes

So there you have it…Wreath Fluffing / Reshaping 101. Now that you know what to do…Get Decking those Halls!

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4 Responses to It’s EASY to Fluff a Fake / Artificial Christmas Wreath

  1. lifevesting says:

    Great tips! I tried to “fluff” up my wreath before I hung it but I’ll have to shape it more like in your drawing tonight!

  2. Ellen Sweet says:

    HI Fred,
    I hang my wreath in the basement with a light piece of plastic over it so I don’t have to do too much of the from year to year. However, I am going to pull out my garland that I store in a very long floral box this year. I think I may need to do some fluffing. I want to attached light permanently to it so I don’t have to do this every year. Any ideas of how to do this. I’m thinking floral wire? Also any idea on how to position the lights. Thanks Fred. Your Fan Ellen
    Loved seeing you and Margaret at the Troy Victorian Stroll. Scott loved talking with you.
    Merry Christmas to you, Margaret and your Mom.

    • Hi Ellen, Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 to You and Scott.

      As for the garland you can approach the fluffing TWO ways.

      You could start the fluffing at the end that is going to be furthest away from where the set of light’s plug will be, and keep working backward from there.

      OR.. you could divide your garland in half (as if it were going to be over and around a door), and at the exact center put a twist tie. You could either start fluffing the tips from that twist tie, on both sides, working DOWNWARD to the ends, or you could, from the ends, fluff-direct the tips upward on both sides to the center where the twist tie is.

      After that lay the garland on the floor in a straight line, and lay the lights that you have along side of it, to see how long each element is. Then think about where you will be plugging in the light filled garland after you are done. (how much distance from where the outlet is and the light plug begins). If your string of lights is the same size, or a bit longer that the garland, from the end that will be closest to the electric source start loosely twisting the lights around the garland, working to the end. Fasten it here and there with the florist wire. If your garland is kind of short, and your light set is long, twist your lights through the garland to the end, then work them backward toward the plug. After hanging up your garland, fluff a bit more to hide the lights a bit. Good Luck and have fun. I hope my advice is helpful ;-}

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