An EASY way to get DEW OFF of car windows in the Morning

Eliminate dew from car windows

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, I am waking up and seeing that my car’s windows are covered with dew. I have an easy solution to eliminating that early morning gift left by Mother Nature.

My solution is a felt CHALK BOARD ERASER. With a chalk eraser, kept in the car, you can quickly erase the dew off of your vehicle’s windows in seconds. The eraser dries out during the day and is ready again for the next days use, if needed. The eraser is small and compact (hand sized), and can fit easily in any of the compartments (ex. cup holder or glove box) in the front seat of your automobile.

Pick one up at your local arts and craft, or toy store. I’ve kept one in my car for years, and it is always ready if dew happens to form on my car’s windows. Happy Erasing!


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4 Responses to An EASY way to get DEW OFF of car windows in the Morning

  1. catherine says:


  2. Jane says:

    Dear Fred,
    I just found your blog and I am so impressed with how easy you make it for those of us that are clueless. I now know about the height of lamps – I had no idea there was such an easy formula! I do have a question about curtains though. My bedroom windows are small 36×38 and my bed side is under one of the windows. It is a small room. I am thinking of hanging the curtains high up to the ceiling, but what should the length be? Will a sort length look funny with the curtains hung high? Eagerly awaiting your solution. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

    • Hi Jane, Not seeing the room….A few thoughts. Could you hang curtains across the whole wall behind the bed, (many panels put together) so you have a fabric covered wall, and just open them where the windows are? Secondly, how about hanging the curtains from close to the ceiling and running them right to the floor, or above any heating device. To see if that would work, take a bed sheet, have someone get up on a small step ladder and hold the sheet up by the bed and pretend it is a drape. You will see how a fall of fabric would look there. Third, how about a balloon valance or Roman shade, in the color of the room, hung above the window, that when dropped covers the bottom edge of the window frame. Being the color of the room, it would add softness, but not be seen too much. It is hard to give advice, when I am not really seeing the space. Good Luck with your projects.

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