FALL Garden and Lawn Projects ;-]

Outdoor things to do before Winter comes

Autumn is here again, and it is time to do some outdoor chores like fertilize the lawn, cleaning up fallen leaves, planting Spring flowering bulbs (tulips and daffodils), cutting back the garden and getting things ready for Winter. Here are some of my past posts that cover those subjects. I hope my articles are helpful to you.

Why rake leaves? Grind them with the mower! 11-15-2010, Applying fertilizer / Weed control on the lawn 4-27-2011, Tulips..planting, fertilizing and maintenance 4-19-2011, Daffodils..planting, fertilizing and maintenance 4-8-2011, It’s time to plant Spring flowering bulbs, Fall is in the air 9-23-2012, Planting Spring flowering bulbs/tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, etc 11-1-2010, Preparing your garden for Winter, putting it to bed 11-17-2010


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