Some Winter / Christmas craft projects for Fifth Graders

Inexpensive Fifth Grade Christmas Crafts made of paper and fabric, that take few supplies

With the days getting shorter, and kids being inside more, parents and even school teachers are looking for inexpensive projects to bring out the creativity in their fifth graders. This post is a compilation of my best read / most looked at Winter craft project articles. I loved doing them in the fifth grade with Sister Mary Charles my art teacher; hopefully your kids will have fun doing them too.

My first craft project suggestion is (click on colored titles) Cutting / Making Paper Snowflakes. This post is your first step at creating a Winter Wonderland. Turn your Paper Snowflakes into a Snowflake Snowman takes making snowflakes a bit further. Why not add a menagerie of fanciful animals to your Winter landscape with Make some Animals from Cut Paper Snowflakes.

For the person / youngster who wants to do something with their own name, A paper craft project for kids..Make a Christmas Tree out of your name will hopefully fill the bill. Finally if you and your kids want to do a more time-consuming project It’s easy to make a Tulle Christmas Wreath might interest you.

I hope my posts will give your kids hours of creative time. You know, there is a kid inside everyone, so maybe you might want to do some of the craft projects yourself. Happy Crafting Everyone! and Pass the Hot Chocolate ;-}


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