Christmas Decorating Tips, How-to and Ideas for your Best Holiday Ever

Decorating your home for Christmas

Christmas is coming and it’s time to decorate the house. A lot of people dread this activity because their results don’t always turn out as they envisioned. I hope this post, which is a compilation of All my  Christmas decorating articles for you to click on in one place, puts the Joy back into doing the projects and helps to make your holidays Happy and Bright.

If stringing lights on your Christmas tree is a yearly hassle, read my article titled Putting lights on a Christmas Tree..The EASY Way (Click on the title).

Have you always wanted to know the tricks of the trade, when it comes to tree decorating? Christmas tree Decorating…Step by step, like a Pro will hopefully demystify a good part of it.

All things pertaining to Tulle is a hot trend of the moment. My articles How to decorate a Christmas tree with Tulle and It’s easy to make a Tulle Christmas wreath should inspire you.

Got an old artificial Christmas tree sitting around in your cellar or attic, that you haven’t thrown out yet? Some ideas for Repurposing, Reusing, Recycling an old artificial Christmas tree will hopefully get your imagination going, so you can bring it back to life.

Do you have artificial Christmas wreaths that look tired? Bring life back to them by looking over my post titled It’s EASY to Fluff a Fake/Artificial Christmas wreath.

Need a couple of craft projects to amuse the kids on a cold-snowy afternoon? Cut / Make Paper Snowflakes and A paper craft project for kids…Make a Christmas tree out of Your name should work for you.

Are you looking to do some outdoor Winter Garden decorating? Some Outdoor Christmas Decorating Projects that you can leave up ALL Winter might help.

Finally, After all that holiday decorating, why not relax by a roaring fire, but first read Fireplace Safety, Using a fireplace for the First Time, and tips for stacking wood to make, what I think is a Picture Perfect Fire. I have a great way of building a fire in that essay.

This post is made up of different Christmas decorating articles that I’ve posted since I started this blog. Some of the articles, having been written a year or more ago are probably too far back in time for you to find, especially if you found my site when looking for articles on gardening or interior decorating topics. This post, I think is a perfect marriage of the old and new; the topics seem to fit easily together.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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