TWELVE reasons to buy WHITE DISHES

Forget the colored or patterned plates, you will tire of them eventually

Forget the colored or patterned plates, you will tire of them eventually

Buying a set of dishes can be a really easy task, but first you have to get past the large selection of colored and patterned plates, bowls and cups that are seasonally offered. Dishes with roses on them, contemporary or traditional patterns, wild animals, seasonal patterns, etc might all be quite beautiful or fun to look at, buy you are locked into a certain amount of colors you can only use if you purchase them. If you buy dishes that have Thanksgiving or Christmas theme patterns on them, you will only be able to use them for a short window of time, and you then have to also have a place to store them, when not in use. My suggestion to you, if you are buying dishes for your first apartment or house, or are just tired of what you have, is to only buy white ones. I have come up with 12 reasons that might help you to possibly consider them.

(1) White dishes (sometimes called Whiteware) go with any color table-cloth, table runner, place mats or napkins you choose to use.

(2) White dishes go with any wallpaper or paint colors you decide to use in your dining room or kitchen.

(3) White dishes go with any style of decorating that attracts you; from country to traditional, transitional or modern.

(4) Food looks best on white plates. You don’t have a color or pattern on white dishes that competes with that gourmet meal, or fancy dessert you created.

(5) Restaurants and most caterers use only white dishes.

(6) Round white plates can easily be mixed with other shapes or “textures” of white dishes. Think simple white dishes, along with a white platter in a sculptural relief embossed pattern, shaped like a Thanksgiving turkey.

When shopping for different shapes, styles or manufacturers of white plates to go with what you already have, bring a dish from your collection with you to see if what you are thinking about buying matches the color of white you already have. There are gray-whites, cream-whites, pure white and even some whites with a pale tan cast.

(7) White dishes are versatile; they can be dressed up with fine crystal and silver, or dressed down with rustic looking glassware and casual flatware like Bakelite.

(8) White dishes are appropriate for fine dining inside, or outside at poolside for Summer barbecues.

(9) White dishes are season neutral. With the right table-cloth, and cloth or paper napkins you have endless possibilities.

(10) White dishes don’t compete with any flower arrangement or decorations you use as a seasonal tabletop display.

(11) White dishes with no kind of metallic banding should go from dishwasher to microwave with no problems.

(12) White dishes are timeless. Not evocative of any period or datable, they look great right now, and will still look fresh, clean and new in 20 years.

If you are still a bit apprehensive about purchasing white dishes, even with my list of their 12 positive attributes, then go for a white plate with a simple dark blue, green, brown or rust-red banding at its edge. Dishes with simple dark blue or dark bottle green banding will go with many different patterns on paper napkins. Those two colors are often used as a part of a color story for the napkin’s design.

Finally, I’m not saying in this post to only buy / have all white dishes. Supplement your basic white set, if you like, with meat platters, vegetable bowls, etc that are in colors or seasonal themed patterns, but try to have white as part of their pattern. A collection of a few Chinese blue and white serving dishes, or white dishes with brown patterns on them, or Christmas plates, etc would accentuate the core collection of white dishes, and adds a bit of theme / seasonal interest. With just a collection of assorted patterns and colors on serving dishes, you have less product to store when not in use.

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11 Responses to TWELVE reasons to buy WHITE DISHES

  1. teresa says:

    Well, I DO have white dishes and absolutely agree with every reason you stated, but I still have other sets. I guess that’s my addiction. Is that OK? I’m OK with it and it makes me happy to set a beautiful table. Plus, I have a lot of convenient storage. I’m just feeling a little sensitive on the issue. CTD

    • Hi there Teresa, You must be the world’s fastest reader. No sooner had I sent it up, did you read it and replied back. Don’t ever feel sensitive on an issue like dishes. My posts are meant to inspire and I hope get people thinking. No more, no less. If you have the space to store dishes, the money to buy them, and it is your passion, I say go for it. I’m just giving my opinion from a decorating / artistic perspective. Thanks for your comments as always ;-}

  2. Verna says:

    Love this post! You are so right about white basic dishes. I have two different white sets that I mix using salad plates from one set with dinner plates from another. Also, I like to mix my blue willow pieces with each set. This post should convince new brides-to-be that white is a “must”. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Loretta says:

    I looked for a while before deciding about my new dishes. I wanted white but not delicate. I went to a restaurant warehouse place and found exactly what I wanted. Heavy white plates with a rolled edge. We’ve been thrilled with them.

  4. Scherre says:

    I love this place!!!! Great place to browse and find things you couldn’t find before!!

    • Hi there Scherre, when I started this blog, I wanted to hopefully inspire people, and get them thinking about all things gardening and interior decorating. With more than a quarter of a million page views / articles read so far, I think I’m on the right track. Thank your for your comment and come back again, and tell your decorating and gardening friends ;-}

  5. darrowsdelight says:

    When I was engaged to be married 18 years ago, I registered for all-white dishes at Williams-Sonoma for many of the reasons you described. My now-husband thought they were SOOO boring at first, but I’ve since convinced him of their many virtues, his favorites being versatility, affordability, and their gender-neutral, unfussy quality. 🙂

    Recently I inherited Villeroy & Boch’s Petit Fleur china pieces from my mom & Desert Rose china from my grandma. I pull out the Petit Fleur plates every Saturday & Sunday for breakfast, because that’s when my mom used them and it makes me smile to remember her. I’m not crazy about the pink and green Desert Rose pattern but I have a strong sentimental attachment to my grandmother’s china , so I decided I better start throwing regular baby and bridal showers – girly events – where I can use them with wild abandon! 🙂

  6. Sue landwehr says:

    I absolutely agree with the white dishes theory …I have only bought n used white dishes for many years. As they say brilliant minds think alike

    • Hi there Sue, White dishes are forever, patterned or colored ones suggest a period in time. To me the most important thing, about white dishes, is that they don’t take away from the look of the food you have cooked and are serving.

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