Start collecting Small Glass Bottles, they make Great Flower Vases

Display that perfect single flower head, or just a few buds in small clear glass bottles

Display that perfect single flower head, or just a few buds in small clear glass bottles

Along with my collection of ever handy, mostly clear glass vases, that I constantly use from Spring to Fall as receptacles for the ever-changing bouquets of flowers that come into the house, I have a large collection of small clear glass bottles. The clear glass bottles are perfect vessels for making petite arrangements in, or for holding that one perfect flower head. A small grouping of glass bottles, repurposed as vases, can be used throughout the house. These are some of the places I use mine, you might like trying them in your home also.

In the dining room, I like to stagger the heights of the flower arrangements. I always have one predominant center piece on the table, be it a flower arrangement, or some other kind of decorative object, but to move the colors of flowers across the top of the table from a centrally placed flower arrangement, I will also have either individual flower heads (stems cut short) in small glass vases, or small simple bouquets consisting of just a few flowers that I place down the center of the table working toward both ends. By doing that, I move the colors and plant texture across my table, versus isolating it just in the center. A person could also have one single flower in a small bottle in front of each person’s table setting.

A second place where a grouping of possibly 3, 4 or 5 small matched bottles could be used is on the window sill above the sink in the kitchen. I love bringing in heads of roses, a few lily of the valley, pansies, peonies, bleeding hearts, grape hyacinth, etc and just having one or just a few flower heads in each vase. They make perfect specimens to look at.

The third option would be to place one to three flower filled bottles on a living room end table, coffee table, front hall credenza, or bed side table. Just little touches like that make such a difference.

The fourth place, a must here at Whimsey Hill House, is having a little flower arrangement on the top of the toilet tank. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a little something to look at.

When it comes to making your collection of small glass bottles, you have many inexpensive options. I am always looking at the shapes of jars that marmalade, jellies and jams, and Maraschino cherries come in, as well as votive candle holders, and even the bottles that individual servings of syrup come in from my local Cracker Barrel (a family friendly restaurant). Some jars are round and tall, others octagonal and squat, you will also find oval and square shapes. Small antique medicine bottles can also be used. I try to have (collect over time) 4 of each shape, so I can display them in multiples. A person could also mix up shapes and sizes if desired, like the cover illustration for this post. The nice thing about clear glass bottles is that you enjoy the product that came in them first, afterwards you enjoy them as holders for your favorite flowers. Happy Collecting ;-}

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4 Responses to Start collecting Small Glass Bottles, they make Great Flower Vases

  1. Kathy w. says:

    Hi Fred. I also enjoy collecting small glass
    bottles. I hate to cut too many flowers from
    my garden, so the small bottles are great.
    I really like the old bottles too without the
    screw caps. Thanks for reminding me, I also
    have some really old larger blue medicine
    bottles that I haven’t used in a while.
    Looking forward to seeing you on the
    Captain J P. Kathy

    • Hi there Kathy, another reader named LaNae, on a different post said she does this…One of my favorite things to do is line my window sill with tall thin vases and put a white daisy in each one. My grand kids love to watch them turn colors with food coloring added to the water. I think that is a fun thing to do.

      Can’t wait to see You and Glenn, Hope the frost does not kill/damage too many things tonight. I covered a lot of things, and my garage floor is covered with all the potted things I could carry or role into the house.

  2. Verna says:

    Hi Fred, I love all your recent posting, but I haven’t had time to reply, since I am doing so many of the garden ideas you have given us! It is good to see that clear glass doesn’t have to be “Waterford” to be beautiful. I am going to add to my collection of clear glass thanks to you! Blessings, Verna

    • Hi there Verna, have you noticed that I have not put up posts with the regularity as I did in the past? I am past busy with the garden, and other projects myself, and no matter how much I love writing articles and making pictures, the garden, house, and other activities take attention first. Once things get under control again (Ha-Ha), I will hopefully be more diligent with the writing. As for Waterford, and other expensive things, Style does not have to be pricy. The most humble of things, used right can be wonderful in them self.

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