Today Fred Gonsowski Garden reached a Milestone

My Blog Stats for Today

My Blog Stats for Today

To all of you, the readers of this blog, I want to say Thank You! Fred Gonsowski Garden Home has reached the point today of having had 333,699 (one-third of a million) page views / articles read, since starting the blog in October 2010.

The journey at times has been an interesting one to say the least. Not being computer savvy, just getting a post up for you to see and read was literally one step forward and ten steps backward at the beginning. Writing articles was also new to me. In a way I feel I have gone back to school again, but this time I am putting a lot more effort into what I’m writing, versus what I did as a kid in high school or even college. Computer wise, I still don’t know, or have the time to figure out many of the options WordPress provides for its bloggers.

I remember when I first started posting articles, having 4 or 6 readers find me on a week night, and getting 24 to 30 on a weekend. Over time the numbers grew to 40 to 60 articles read per day, and one year into blogging I had 975 read posts in one month; at that time that was great. With time, as I wrote more articles, more people started finding me. All of a sudden I saw people putting my articles up on their Pinterest boards, and eHow as well as writers for the San Francisco Chronicle used my articles as either references or resources for their articles. To date the San Francisco Chronicle has used me 12 times (thank you SF Gate), eHow used me twice, and Home Depot put me up on their Pinterest page under Lighting and Fans. Also a big shout out and thank you to the thousands of Pinterest posters who put me on their boards. (to see the San Francisco Chronicle or eHow articles look at the Categories on the right side of the screen and then click on San Francisco Chronicle / eHow references or resources). Now on average I have 20 to 30 thousand articles read per month; how times have changed.

Now let’s look at the first graph for this blog post that shows today’s stats, which are daily provided by WordPress. As of 5:02PM, today, July 9, 2013, I’ve had 333,699 page views / articles read since starting the blog. Today, so far, 226 visitors to my site have read 363 articles. The dark blue on the bars represents the visitors, the light blue is articles read. WordPress says on average I have 1.45 to 1.85 articles read by each visitor.

By looking at the statistics it shows that I’ve gotten one comment for every 1000 visitors to this site since starting the blog (596 comments – 270 comments I’ve made back to the readers = 326). Comments made by visitors were mostly questions asking information not included in the posts. img306 At the end of each year WordPress gives a breakdown of traffic that came to this blog. I’ve been read by people in 162 countries, and seen my articles many times translated with Google Translate. In the upper left corner you can see today’s line up of countries, their flags, and how many people from each country looked at my site. The map shows where in the world the countries are located, and the redder the country is colored, the more people from that country looked at my site.

Referred is how some of my readers found my site, and Tags and Categories show some of the numbers, and some of the categories of articles that were of most interest to people in the last week. Comments shows my most active commenters. Joanne is my first blog follower and second blog commenter. Thank you Joanne for starting the ball rolling. img307 The list of 88 terms, seen on the upper left side of this graphic show some of the Search Words people used to find my site. Below that is the number 122 which is the number of posts I’ve written. The one you are looking at now is post 123. Followers are the 108 people who, as of today, signed up to receive an e-mail from WordPress every time I post a new article.

So there you have it, Thanks to you All! I look forward to writing many new posts that I hope will inspire you, I just have to get past all my gardening chores here at Whimsey Hill House.

If you are interested in reading my bio click here, to see a montage of pictures of me click here, and to see some of my original paintings, made back in the day, click here.


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Your eyes deserve to view beauty. I hope Fred Gonsowski Garden Home helps to turn your vision, into a reality.
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8 Responses to Today Fred Gonsowski Garden reached a Milestone

  1. teresa says:

    Congratulations on your success. You deserve it for all the helpful posts and inspiration you’ve given me and many others, I’m sure. CTD

    • Hi there Teresa, you know you and Verna are neck to neck as commenters on this blog, followed by Joanne, who is one comment behind Verna for the moment. You will have to make a second comment if you want to be the star commenter on this site. Just kidding ;-} I thought when I posted the blog statistics, and some of what is seen from this side, it would be of interest to the readers.

  2. Joanne says:

    I remember when you first started…love your blog…keep up the fantastic work and have beautiful summer at Whimsey Hill.

    • Hi there Joanne my first blog follower, you have a Wonderful Summer also. Hopefully the rains will stop a bit, and the days won’t hover constantly around 90 degrees. It might be a bit too hot at time, but it is great for swimming, and the plants like it.

  3. pbmgarden says:

    Congratulations Fred.

  4. Verna says:

    Fred, congratulations on all of the good work! I have learned so much from you and have read every post. I especially love the original art work. I can see a book in your future!!! Blessings, Verna

    • Verna you are always so kind. I do want to do the book, just have to have the rights connection, and right moment, and time to do it. A lot of people come to this site, you never know, I might be discovered ;-}

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