Today I awoke to seeing my blog has passed the 750,000 mark for Page Views/Articles Read

Fred Gonsowski Garden has reached the three quarters of a million point for page views/ articles read.

Fred Gonsowski Garden has reached the Three-Quarters of a Million point for Page Views/ Articles Read.

Today September 13, 2014, at 7:26AM Eastern Time, I saw that my blog has passed the Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand point (really 750,706) for page views/articles read.

If you are one of my followers, you have most-likely noticed that I’ve not posted anything since the beginning of August.  My life has been filled with one project after another, along with a mountain and many big bumps in the road that have consumed all of my time, and made it virtually impossible for me to have time for anything except the essential things that I had to face at the moment; and I still have some more things that need my attention.

During the month of August, my garden never got weeded nor watered once, and the only plants that got the smallest bit of my attention were the things in containers. When it came time to pick the fruits from the neglected tomatoes plants, I called up my neighbor and offered them all to her, just to not have them completely go to waste.

During the month of July I took a lot of photos of my garden, and those photos are still in the camera. When I have time, the next post up (hopefully sometime in October???), I will show you all how nice the garden looked before the weeds kind of took over.

Right now I want to go over the three pages that are provided daily by WordPress that show how things are going with my blog, and even without my love and attention, at this moment in time, my blog is doing really good. I see a lot of my readers are interested in the interior decorating and gardening topics that I’ve written since starting this website almost four years ago, so the posts have staying power. I think my blog has become a go place for the do it yourself person who wants to tackle projects, more than a place for that person who looks to be entertained. So now lets look at the statistics that WordPress gave me this morning when I turned on my computer for one minute.

Let’s start with the cover photo for this post. As of 7:26AM 137 people, since midnight, have looked at 252 posts. 2,289 page views was the most I ever had, in one day, since starting the blog. 750,706 is the number of page views/ articles read since starting this blog almost four years ago. Only 934 comments were ever made, so far, for the 750,706 articles read. Of the 934 comments, 413 were made by me, back to the people who commented; so that makes 521 comments written by people looking at this blog.img366 Looking at the list of countries, as of 7:26AM, 168 readers were from the United States, 22 were from Canada and the list goes on. WordPress has told me that my blog has been looked at by people in 177 countries around the world, I never knew there were that many countries. Below the list of countries is a map of the world. The darkest colors on the map show the largest concentration of readers at the time I printed this webpage.

Below that, on the left, are References (how people came to my site). 99 came through search engines, 35 came in from Pinterest and the rest are varied.

At the top-middle right are Tags and Categories. It shows the top categories that had the most reader interest in the last week. 7,487 articles were looked at under the Category called Interior Decorating Principles, followed by 3,341 from the San Francisco Chronicle / eHow r. posts, and 2,955 articles were read about Arranging Living Room Furniture.

Below that shows the Comments. Of the 934 comments, that you saw on the first visual for this post, WordPress says I made 413 back at my readers. Teresa is now my most prolific commenter with 28 comments written, and pbmgarden is second with 15 comments made. Verna is third with 12 (I do hope Verna is alive and well, as I haven’t heard from her in a long while).img367 Search is next. Search are the words that a reader typed trying to find information on a topic that interested them. From the visual, you can see that at 7:26AM two people, since midnight, had been interested in adding color to a living room with beige as part of a color scheme, and 2 people were interested in placing two chairs, possibly by a sofa.

Totals, Followers and Shares is next. So far 148 posts have been written for this blog, this is my 149th. There are 23 categories (you can see them all on the right side of you screen) I’ve covered topics from Christmas / Easter, to Garden Design Principles and Lighting to name a few.

232 are the number of blog Followers I have so far. They are made up by people who have their own websites and people who just like to read blogs. PBMGARDEN, as seen under Comments, is one of my followers with a website. If you are interested in becoming a follower, just fill in the information that is asked for under Plus Follow which pops up on the lower right side of your screen. Every time I post a new article, WordPress will send to you an email saying I posted something, a paragraph or two from the new article with its title, and a direct link to that post. Try it for a while, you can always unroll yourself at any time.

So there you have it a quick look at what I see every time I look at my blog’s dashboard. I told you, this blog is going good. For the month of August 2014 I had 51,158 page views/ articles read. There were 50,183 in July 2014 and 42,136 for June. I do look forward to being able to have time again, to writer many new posts and to answer questions posted by the readership; so all I can now say is Stay Tune and hopefully The Best is yet to come!


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  1. Flav says:

    Mr. G,
    I just came across your website – a myriad of awesome articles and ideas! THANK YOU so much for sharing your gifts & your time with the rest of us 🙂

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