BuzzFeed included one of my Interior Decorating Illustrations in their post titled “21 Little Changes That’ll Make Your Space So Much Homier”.

The cover photo from the BuzzFeed article.

Fred Gonsowski’s illustration used in the BuzzFeed post titled “21 Little Changes That’ll Make Your Space So Much Homier”, written by Natalie Brown.

Over the years online companies like The San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate), RedBook Magazine (RedBook, and eHow have used my different interior decorating and gardening articles, as either references or resources for their online posts. Recently Natalie Brown, who is an editor for BuzzFeed asked if they could include one of my illustrations from my post titled “Interior Decorating with Accent Lamps” and a link to my website for a piece that they were writing on interior decorating; of course I said Yes!) (I’m #2 on the list).

According to Wikipedia, BuzzFeed is an American internet media company based in New York City. The firm is a social news and entertainment company with focus on digital media and digital technology. The company has grown into a global media and technology company providing coverage on a variety of topics including politics, DIY (do it yourself), animals and business.

*****The direct link to the BuzzFeed piece, 21 Little Changes That’ll Make Your Space So Much Homier”, will be in the first comment following this post.*****

Companion posts on Fred Gonsowski Garden that have been either references or resources for….

San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate)…
(All links to the San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate) will be in the first comment following my articles).

Arranging Living Room Furniture, so Sofas talk to Chairs, like the Pros do 9-7-2012, used for their post titled “Decorating a living room with Two Couches”.

Some Ideas about Planting Trees by your Home for Curb Appeal 4-26-2012, used for their post titled “How to add Curb appeal to a home with a Flat Roof”.

Hanging Pictures over a Sofa 9-12-2011, used for their post titled “Hanging a Picture behind a Couch”.

Picking and Hanging the Right Size Picture or Mirror over your Fireplace 6-23-2011, used for their post titled “How to Display Mirrors in your Living Room”.

The Right Height of a Table Lamp for your End Table 5-19-2011, used for their posts titled “How to Decorate a Console Table” and “The Height of Lamps by a Sofa”.

The Right Way to Hang Curtains and Drapes 5-3-2011, for their posts titled “How to Put  up Drapes on a Long Window”,    “Where to Hang Drapes in a Window with Wide Moldings”,    How to Hang Curtains over Sliding glass Doors“,    and “How to Hang Wide Pocket Valances”

Pick (Use) Four Colors when Decorating a Room 3-7-2011, used for their post “How to Decorate around a Maroon Couch”.

RedBook Magazine (RedRook…
(The link to the RedBook piece is in the first comment following the article).
One of My Decorating Posts has been Featured on Redbook Magazine’s website..RedRook 8-5-2014, for their post titled   “9 Decorating Hacks from Top Design Gurus”.

(The link to the eHow piece is in the first comment following the article).
The Right way to Hang Curtains and Drapes 5-3-2011, for their post titled “How to Calculate Stack Back for Curtains”.


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Your eyes deserve to view beauty. I hope Fred Gonsowski Garden Home helps to turn your vision, into a reality.
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13 Responses to BuzzFeed included one of my Interior Decorating Illustrations in their post titled “21 Little Changes That’ll Make Your Space So Much Homier”.

  1. The direct link to the BuzzFeed article titled “21 Little Changes That’ll Make Your Space So Much Homier” is

  2. Melissa says:

    Congratulations! You definitely deserve many accolades, and lots of recognition. I’ve learned a great deal about interior design theory from you, I’ve been inspired by your ideas, and I’ve enjoyed reading your personal stories. Our styles are different, you are more traditional and I’m more transitional, but your timeless lessons apply to all styles.
    Your site is the most comprehensive, clear, and detailed interior design site I’ve ever found online.
    Bless you, Mr. Gonsowski.

    • Hi there Melissa, for being such a short post, for some reason, this one took a long time writing. After uploading the post, and walking away from the computer, my mind reminded me that I left things out, so I went in again and hopefully corrected things.

      Yes my style is traditional, but I’ve bought things years ago, and they have not wore out, and I still like them, so my taste is kind of from a period. I do appreciate all kinds of things, but really have no desire to change the things that I have, because they still smile at me every day.

      Writing this blog, I never dictate about what is right, as every person has their own taste. In interior decorating, there really is no difference between (for example) a traditional chair, a transitional styled chair, and a modern styled chair. It’s how the chair is placed in a room, next to or opposite a sofa, that is all that matters.

      Blessings also to you Melissa! and thanks for your comment ;-}

  3. Caroline says:

    Congratulation, Fred! I also find your articles and illustrations SO helpful!

  4. andrew says:

    I think we have all seen the pictures in magazines of beautiful rooms, but for someone like me, I can’t ever figure out how they do it, certainly there is a method. Your posts are the most sensible, practical and easily understood ones out there for me to help achieve the look I want in my home. Its little surprise you have been recognized. Congratulations. (Now if I could only get you to pick out my home’s paint colors…just kidding.)

  5. Susie says:

    Fred, your illustrations are so very helpful! Many times when i have a dilemma i find myself wondering if Fred Gonsowski has an illustration to help! No surprise that others want to use them. Keep them coming!

  6. W/A says:

    One, and there are many, nice thing about your posts is that they explain in terms I can understand, and I did not get the decorating gene, how to get a look. So many magazines, books and so forth show pictures but really explain the how behind the look. You do. Thanks.

    • Hi there W/A, look the word Categories that is on the right side of the screen for my web site. Look at the different titles of things that I’ve written on, and click on those titles, and all of the articles that I’ve written on those subjects will be there for you to look at and hopefully learn more about design and be inspired. Thanks for your comment ;-}

  7. Kat says:

    I just found you! I checked about Fred… I went to JCA – graduated in ’86 and went on to Sage. Were we classmates? I was looking for picture hanging advice – I found so many good things I am going to read from the start. Thanks!

    • Hi there Kate, I just Loved my JCA (now Sage) experience. All of the teachers were so interested in the students, and supportive. I also attended the college of St. Rose, and it was not the same as JCA, as a positive experience, but I’m glad I went there, even though that college paled to my JCA years, but the teachers got me thinking in a way that really helped me artistically.

      Kate look at the word Categories, on the right of the screen, and under that there are different titles of article types that I’ve written. Click on the titles and you will see all the different posts I’ve written on the different topics.

      Thanks for your comment JCA alumni ;-}

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