Some Photos to share, on a Cold Winter’s day, of My garden in July

The front garden bordering the driveway.

The front garden bordering the driveway.

Now that we are slowly getting past the coldest part of winter here in upstate New York, and with temperatures some nights still dropping down to below zero, I thought it would be encouraging for my readers to see some photos of things to come. I’ve assembled some pictures of my garden, seen at its peak last July, when the days were warm, sunny and bright, and the perennials and annuals were looking their best.192216214139 These four shots show part of the front garden taken from different angles.148147026 Here are some of the flowers that border my neighbor’s property.262259 Now we’re out back, close to the house.170174173169167180 These photos are of the great border, out back, that runs across the west side of my property.110009001005 A look at the long walk, viewed from the west and east. The fluffy pink bush at the far end, closest to the house, is a Tamarack.

So there you have it, a little tour of my garden here at Whimsey Hill House. I hope the photos inspired you in some way. Let’s now all look forward to Spring and the possibilities and joy the garden will soon provide, not to mention all the weeding and hard work that goes with it ;-}

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7 Responses to Some Photos to share, on a Cold Winter’s day, of My garden in July

  1. SLR says:

    Stunning, as always! It is always such a pleasure to drive by your house on my way to work and watch your garden change with the seasons! Thank you for this lovely peek at things to come on this snowy evening! Keep warm dear friend, and dream of spring!

    • Soo nice to hear from you SLR. With the big storm coming tonight and lingering into tomorrow all over New England and New Amsterdam, I thought seeing things to come would give the readership a bit of hope. Keep Warm and Safe, and my best to the master of Windy Ledge.

  2. Susie says:

    Wow! Thanks, I needed that. It is starting to feel like winter is stretching on forever. The tamarack is beautiful. I am going to check to see if they will grow in my area.

  3. really great if I get this garden , I like it

  4. Elaine Warak says:

    You refer to a fluffy pink bush above as a Tamarack, but it is a Tamarisk. Tamarack is a conifer.

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