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A craft project to keep kids amused on Thanksgiving Day

Hi there Folks..Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day. Eat, Drink and Be Merry, at least for today. Tomorrow, back on the diet and facing everything life has to offer. If you have youngsters that need something to do on … Continue reading

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Some ideas for Repurposing, Reusing, Recycling an old artificial Christmas tree

Over the years I’ve acquired two artificial Christmas trees that I’ve decorated for the holidays; one is a large tree that’s tall and wide, the other is a slim Canadian spruce that’s tall and narrow. Some years I’ve decorated two … Continue reading

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Some Winter / Christmas craft projects for Fifth Graders

With the days getting shorter, and kids being inside more, parents and even school teachers are looking for inexpensive projects to bring out the creativity in their fifth graders. This post is a compilation of my best read / most … Continue reading

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It’s easy to make a Tulle Christmas Wreath

In the fifth grade with the help of a wonderful nun named Sister Mary Charles (nee Catherine Lily) we created many really nice Christmas decorations; one of them was a tulle wreath. When I made the wreath, before writing this … Continue reading

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Fireplace Safety, Using a Fireplace for the first time, and Tips for Stacking wood to make, what I think is, a Picture Perfect Fire

A fireplace is not a toy, and operating one should be taken very seriously. When you start a fire in your fireplace you are working with something that can look quite beautiful, but, at the same time you are facing … Continue reading

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An EASY way to get DEW OFF of car windows in the Morning

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, I am waking up and seeing that my car’s windows are covered with dew. I have an easy solution to eliminating that early morning gift left by Mother Nature.

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Two EASY Projects to make your Bathroom Shine.. Cleaning your Bathroom Tile and Grout with Oxi Clean Versatile..Caulking the Tub like a Pro

Have you ever moved into a pre-owned house and loved the place, but found the bathroom grout stained and dirty? Are you one of those people who no matter what kind of cleaning product, and no matter how much elbow … Continue reading

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Picking a Color for Your Front Door

So, you live in a white house, with black shutters, and a gray roof. In the back of your mind your thinking that the outside of your house needs something. A bit of color to brighten it up, give it … Continue reading

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Straightening the Fringe on an Oriental Rug…It’s Easy

Do you Love your Oriental carpets, but hate the look of the tangled fringe that edges them? Do you try to pick up an end and drop it quickly toward the floor hoping all the fringe lands straight and perfect? … Continue reading

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Make some Animals from Cut Paper Snowflakes

In my post Cutting / Making Snowflakes, I covered the steps it takes to fold and cut paper snowflakes. In Turn your Snowflakes into a Snowflake Snowman, I took the snowflake a bit further, when I gave you some of … Continue reading

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