Make an EASTER EGG TREE, Celebrate Spring!

Easter Egg Bushes

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is over, and hopefully Winter is waning??, there is nothing more visually exciting than seeing an Easter Egg tree or bush, set against the still taupe tones of deciduous trees, bare of their leaves. I think seeing a bush or tree, covered with Bright-Happy colored plastic eggs is something everyone finds to be a welcoming site. I yearly decorate two bushes, down by the road, with hundreds of assorted sized eggs, that people can see as they drive by. It’s easy to decorate a tree with eggs. If you are interested in doing it, you will only need a few supplies to get started.

Plastic Easter Eggs and Florist wire
Plastic Easter eggs come two ways, pierced or not pierced. Pierced means there are tiny holes at both the top and bottom ends of the plastic eggs. I see the pierced kind most often at chair store pharmacies. Not pierced eggs have no holes in them. I see those kinds of eggs at hobby-craft stores. If you buy the pierced eggs, you will save yourself extra work. If you have the not pierced eggs, you will have to drill holes in both the top and bottom halves of the eggs.

Wearing safety glasses, take the plastic egg apart, and place it end side down on a block of wood. Put a 1/16 bit in an electric drill, and drill from the inside of the egg, through to the block of wood. The wood block gives something for the drill to hit when it passed through the egg. Drill a hole in both the top and bottom halves of the egg. The reason you have to do this is because when it rains, water goes down the wire and into the egg. If you have a hole in the bottom, it will then exit the egg. Without the hole, you will find that you have water filled eggs when you go to take them down.

When buying eggs for your tree or bush, buy ones of assorted sizes; that makes for a nice presentation.

Next cut a piece of 24 Gage florist wire SIX inches long. Twist one end into a hangman’s knot (see above illustration). This will be on the inside of the egg. From the inside top of the egg, feed the wire through the pierced or drilled hole. You now have a hanging device to wire your egg to a tree or bush. Close the egg, and do the next one. Wiring the eggs for hanging is something you can do while watching TV, and maybe you can get the kids to help you.

Now the fun part! Go and decorate a bush or tree. You can even attach them to evergreen foundation plants. If you don’t have a bush to decorate, think about possibly cutting a branch from the woods, and wiring it to a lamp-post by your front door; then decorate that. What a wonderful welcome to all who come to visit. If you don’t have an outdoor space to decorate, you can make an Easter egg tree for indoors. Buy branches at a florist or craft store, if you need to. Place then in a heavy vase or urn. Secure with stones if necessary, and Decorate.

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

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3 Responses to Make an EASTER EGG TREE, Celebrate Spring!

  1. Theresa says:

    What a great website! Really looking forward to doing an Easter egg tree, of course I’ve seen them before but never really knew exactly what to do, and my daughter is going to love it! Plus the idea to using assorted size eggs just makes it even more interesting. Thanks!

    • Theresa

      Happy Easter to You and your Daughter! I think it is wonderful that the two of you will be making an Easter Egg tree together, it will make a special memory for her. Hopefully you will inspire your neighbors to do the same.

  2. fredgonsowskigardenhome says:

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