Today Fred Gonsowski Garden reached the point of having 500,000 Page Views/Articles Read

img351 img358Today February 21, 2014 at 8:01PM, Fred Gonsowski Garden reached another milestone; having had 500,015 page views/ articles read. When I first started this blog in October of 2010, I had no idea or premonition of ever getting to this point. The reason I started this blog was not that I liked or wanted to write, but to let out a lot of things about decorating and gardening that I had inside of me, and not that many places to apply.

For my followers and casual readers who don’t know about it, WordPress is how I get an article, drawings, and sometimes photos from my home in upstate New York out onto the internet for you to find. WordPress is kind of like a middleman that I upload articles to, and through them they end up on the internet / domain. WordPress is quite a remarkable entity. They do all the counting of articles read by my readers, and provide me daily with the numbers and even countries across the world where readers came in from.

At the end of each year WordPress sends me a Year in Review which gives me some interesting facts to know, that I have the option, if I choose, to share with you. This year I posted it, but because I think a lot of you did not know what it was, you just skipped past it to another article I wrote. If you click here you can look at it again. The WordPress post starts with fireworks when you open it, then it signals you to start scrolling down and tells you some of my most read posts in 2013, but the best of all is toward the end. They provide a map of the world and it says I had people from 177 countries read my posts last year. If you hover your pointer slowly over the different countries, it shows you the exact amount of people who read something of mine from there in 2013. You can also click on the (+ or –) signs on the left to expand or contract the map. Not every country on the map has had readers, but the 177 countries where people did read articles from, sounds like a line up for the Miss Universe or Miss World contest, or the Parade of Nations as seen at the beginning of the Olympic Games. Some of the countries that light up, I’ve never heard of before or even knew they existed.

The cover illustration for this post shows a drawing I made and a screen shot of the first page of today’s information WordPress provided, telling me I hit the half million articles read point. I’m not going to show you all the other pages that follow it this time, but you can see all of the pages that appear on my WordPress dashboard by clicking here. It will direct you to my 7-9-2013 post when I hit the one-third of a million point and showed my readers all of the pages and what I see each day from this side of the blog dashboard.

Getting to the 500,000 mark did not happen overnight. Again WordPress counted, not me. I had 299 articles read from October 2010 to Dec, 31, 2010 when I first started. In 2011 I had 17,636 page views / articles read. In 2012 that number jumped to 148,081. In 2013 I had exactly 297,252. This year, since January 1, 2014 I’ve had 36,771 articles read. When all is added up, it turns into the 500,015 as seen above.

Finally I want to thank all of the people who signed up on + Follow (my Followers). It’s nice to have people who are really interested in reading a lot of the things I write. Secondly thanks to all the readers who commented regularly or on occasion. To my constant commentors, in a way I look forward to hearing from you all. A Big Shout Out to the legions of Pinterest Pinners, You’re All Soo Great!!! Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for using my articles 13 times, to date, as either references or resources for their articles (I must be doing something right). And to all the people who came upon this site, hopefully I empowered you to do a decorating or gardening project that interested you.

With half a million articles read so far I must be going in the right direction; so I hope you all keep coming back and hopefully are inspired by something I write in the days and months ahead. Again Thank You All!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Piece of Celebratory Cake it's VIRTUALLY calorie free ;-}

Have a Piece of Celebratory Cake it’s VIRTUALLY calorie free ;-}

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10 Responses to Today Fred Gonsowski Garden reached the point of having 500,000 Page Views/Articles Read

  1. Kim says:

    Congratulations Fred. I absolutely L.O.V.E reading your posts and they have been my go-to source for decorating my home (I just hung picture frames on walls…and they look great…as per your hanging pictures post!). Keep them coming!!!!

  2. teresa says:

    You deserve it! I’m glad to see your numbers grow exponentially and hope this helps keep you motivated as it must take so much time to do each post. I love that yours is all original content including illustrations and that you use wordpress! It’s so fast to upload. Here’s to the next 500,000!!!

    • Hi there Teresa, when I just plugged in and turned on the compute, the signal new messages popped up, and I thought one of them would be from you. As I said in my post, I look forward to hearing from my constant commentors.
      In the middle of last night I woke up, and an idea popped into my mind that I think would make this post more visually interesting. I thought, Where are my manners, I did not cut the cake. In the next day or two, some zero calorie slices of cake will appear at the bottom on the post. As always, Thanks you for your Lovely Comments.

  3. Shondra says:

    Congratulations Fred! You are my “go to” source before I start any project. Your guidance has been invaluable and I really appreciate the knowledge you share. Thank you!

    • Hi there Shondra, when I put this post up I wondered if anyone would even open it, or just see that I hit the half million mark and continue on, through the articles. I am, right now, pleasantly surprised that people are looking at it.
      When on rare occasion, that I show something pertaining to my home or garden, I see a few readers look at it; most of them are too busy looking for something else that I’ve written so they can address a decorating or gardening issue/problem the are having. Thanks your your comment ;-}

  4. Janice says:

    I just found your blog today and I’m very impressed with your gift for explain things AND your illustration talent! Rare to find a person who has just the one, let along both. Thank you for your help in planning my new office!

    • Hi there Janice, not being pushy, but you or any other person reading this can be a follower of this blog by enrolling in the + Follow (plus follow) which appears/ pops up on the bottom right side of the screen. WordPress will sent you an email with the newest article every time, like seconds after, I post a new piece. A person can try it for a while, and end it any time they want, if it is not for them.
      Now that I’ve done my shameless plug for attracting followers, all I have to say now is…. Thank You for your Lovely comment, and I am glad I helped you with your project. Come back soon or look through all the other things I’ve posted, and maybe tell a friend ;-}

  5. Amy says:

    I’m basically reading your whole site, Fred. Please make an ebook, tidily organized into chapters and sections and design challenges. I will buy it even if it has nothing new in it… just because I’ve gotten SO MUCH VALUE out of your blog. Your illustrations are so useful (not to mention cute)… they’re so much better than just words… and you’re the only person I’ve found anywhere online who writes about interior design as if it’s a system of rules, patterns, science, and logic, instead of passion and feelings. Although of course it’s ALSO about feelings, all the awesome feelings in the world weren’t helping me arrange or hang my art, or deal with my tall rooms. So there you go.

    Thanks a million. And email me the second you have something I can buy!

    • Hi there Amy, you are just the loveliest person for saying all of those soo nice things. Don’t you think the posts are kind of like e-books. I tried to put a lot of links with everyone of my most popular articles, so if a person came in on one topic about decorating, or even gardening, they might be interested in other posts that relate to that subject. I will eventually/probably add links to every post (or almost every post).

      When I thought about starting this blog, I really did not want to, or thought I could entertain anyone. What I wanted to do was go over, to the best of my ability, the principles of design, as I learned in art School. If you read my bio, you will see I have a Bachelors in Art. I never directly studied interior decorating, but have an interest in it. The principles of design easily translate from fine art to decorating. The number one thing for me is to give the step by step instructions, written clearly for the reader, so they can do the project. I am the last person who ever thought he was a writer, and just doing this project has been like going back to school in a way. I do think my writing has improved, though I question my punctuation at times, but readers still keep coming in, and I have been pinned tens of thousands of times on Pinterest, so my writing must be good enough for some people.

      Again Amy, you are the greatest, because every so often, even I need to get a thumbs up from the readers to want to continue on ;-}.

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